We are heading for the abyss

What will they do if they succeed in overturning the election? There was no Republican platform, just a pledge to follow him. So where does he propose to take us?

What is it that only he can do that is so important that it’s worth overturning a democracy for? Will it be enough just to say that he conquered COVID, beat Hillary, and didn’t collude with foreigners? That he, and hence red state America, is great? Then what? Four years of vengeance against the blue states? And then a Trump dynasty to rule over the ruins?

It seems more and more likely to me that the election will be thrown into the House and the red states will elect him, just because he demands it. They are testing the limits of the system, and yes, it is breaking.

So much for law and order; we are heading for the abyss.

One thought on “We are heading for the abyss

  1. We are BOT heading for the abyss. No. 45’s malignity is matched by his rampant incompetence. He will be out of office when his term expires in about two months.

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