Out of the frying pan…

If we hadn’t had three years of slow boiling normalization, I think people would be even more astonished than they are by Trump’s breathtaking stupidity and incapacity to lead. The worst of it isn’t going to be that he prematurely orders the country to reopen for business, causing people to start dying in droves. It’s that he’s going to order the country to open for business WHILE people are dying in droves. When the economy isn’t magically restored, he’s going to threaten to punish the states that are hurting the worst because they’re doing the least to help his reelection.

I am so certain that a declaration of martial law is coming that I can’t even write about it. It doesn’t matter what the Constitution says–he’ll Tweet it or say it during one of his press conferences and half the country will take it seriously. The military will have to decide what to do next. I predict the tipping point will come much sooner than next November–likely it will be when some of the octogenarians on the court and in the Senate start dying.

Am I being too paranoid? I hope so.

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