My mother, who lived to be a little older than Nancy Pelosi is today, and who was tiny and ethnic and stubborn and opinionated all her life, would have been so tickled to see that the first politician to humble Trump is cut out of the same cloth that she was.

“You have to be respectful of the office that he holds,” Pelosi says dryly. “Perhaps even more respectful of the office he holds than he is.” And, “You always start with a feather, until you get to the sledgehammer.”

If you just look at the words Trump read off the teleprompter yesterday (before he got to the duct tape stuff), you’d think the federal workers had gone on strike to support him and that with their help, he had brought Congress to its knees. But if you looked at his face, you could see that he was broken.

It was a good look.

One thought on “Sledgehammered

  1. I think Speaker Pelosi knew this was going to end badly for Trump from the day she and Chuck Schumer met with Trump in the White House and he said on TV that he would take the blame for the shutdown. He tried to lie his way out of course as he always does but you couldn’t put that genie back in the bottle. The clip would be played over and over.

    Pelosi just had to wait him out and keep saying no. I am surprised how quickly he caved. Maybe it was the fact the GOP senators were starting to defect. Maybe it was the air traffic delays. Don’t forget that Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine Chou is Secretary of Transportation and that the “big cave” got Mitch off the hook. Can you imagine if ATL had been shut down during Super Bowl week?

    The Speaker knew time was on her side. She knew she held the winning hand and played it perfectly. I have been following politics since the 60’s and other than Nixon’s collapse it is hard to remember a President have a worse week and it was almost entirely self inflicted.

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