Things May be Tipping

I get nervous when I am feeling optimistic, because I understand that Trump and Trumpism are symptoms of a much deeper and systemic rot, but it seems to me that things are tipping pretty dramatically right now.

Michael Cohen’s testimony on February 7 is going to be a huge event, and Mueller’s report is likely to follow pretty quickly. If the report is suppressed, that will be almost more devastating than if it is released and it is certain to leak. And I can’t imagine that Trump will even deliver a State of the Union address if the government is still closed.

Yes, a Pence presidency will be worse in many ways than a Trump presidency, because Pence really does have an agenda and the Trump courts and McConnell’s Senate will back him up to the hilt and Lindsay Graham will become his favorite golf partner. And yes, it’s likely that the Democrats are going to make a mess of things during the primary season. But it really does feel like the fever is starting to break.

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