Womp Womp

Funny thing, I was just looking at collections of Ronald Reagan quotes. They’re banal as hell, and you can tell which were written by speech-writers and which were said off the cuff. For example, “If we love our country, we should also love our countrymen” was definitely a speechwriter. And then there’s “unemployment insurance is a prepaid vacation for freeloaders.” That one came from his heart. But most of Reagan’s quotable quotes, authentic or concocted, pay lip service to freedom, self-determination, independence, dignity and patriotism. “Yes, across Europe, this wall will fall. For it cannot withstand faith; it cannot withstand truth. The wall cannot withstand freedom.”

For all his flag-hugging, Trump doesn’t think much about those things. His agenda for America is “I alone.” He alone can make the world a better place, because only he can have the greatest relationships with the best people. America is good because it has white people in it for sure, but mostly because it has Trump. His election was the not just the happy ending but the beginning and the middle of the story too: America vindicated him and anointed him. He beat Hillary, Obama, and Angela Merkel, and they can all kiss his ass. So can Mike Pompeo, for that matter. And John Bolton. And certainly John Kelly. If Putin helped him win, then that reflects well on Putin. There is literally no room in his brain for anything else.

“No colusion!” is from Trump’s heart. So is “President Putin was extremely strong and powerful.” The rest is just womp womp, to borrow a phrase from Cory Lewandowski.

2 thoughts on “Womp Womp

  1. ‘Collusion’ say the spell-o police. Seriously though, your post gets to the heart of the problem I have with Trump (as a global citizen, since the US is still leader of the free world). I had problems with Reagan and Georges Bush but they were civil and mannered and had some sense of the responsibility that comes with being president. Trump has none of these essential characteristics; he is very much the man-child his detractors paint him as and he is more dangerous in many ways than a coldly calculating leader would be.

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