Back on the blog

I moved most of my commenting to Facebook a couple of years ago because that seemed to be where the action was. Last week, partly impelled by the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, partly out of frustration with the social media bubble, I cancelled my personal Facebook account. Yesterday I cut my cord, trading in my expensive Direct TV account for a cheaper streaming alternative. What’s next, trading in my iPhone for something cheaper? Maybe. Probably, I’m just trying to escape from Trump.

I’ll post my blog comments on my Author’s page now, but it’s mostly unread because I don’t pay Facebook ad money. It’s going to be a little lonely now, living without Likes and Comments from the Internet, but I suspect it’s healthier to not have the illusion of being an influencer. I’m just a guy who wrote a handful of books now, who occasionally screams that the sky is falling.

It is, it is.

7 thoughts on “Back on the blog

  1. I never went to FB in the first place. I greatly prefer people I have any respect for to have blogs, I’ll actually read them. I’m quite glad people are peeling away from FB, even if they’re using the same reasons they told me were ridiculous 5+ years ago when everyone and their mother was trying to get me on and I said no. Hell, my mother tried.

  2. I’m glad you’re back on the blog. I’ve never been good with facebook. I found when I got on, I went down a rabbit hole and came out hours later staring at a screen and wondering how it made my life or world better. It didn’t.

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  3. People that want to see what you have to way will find you. And congratulations on cutting the cord. I’ve been trying some of the alternatives and lately I’ve been using Philo. There’s not a huge selection of channels, but it’s only $20. I liked SlingTV, but I watch so little television I couldn’t justify spending even that amount of money.

  4. I commend you for cutting the FB cord, and the Direct TV cord.. I look forward to reading your future blogs.

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