Two Nations, Red & Blue

Here I am in The New York Daily News, with Richard Florida.


One thought on “Two Nations, Red & Blue

  1. Is this the “Richard” you write for? Very interesting piece. I agree there is a possible trend, but as the economy shifts, trends will shift as well. There is one factor that could cause the results you depict, and that is an increasing joblessness and declining pay rate due to automation.  We do not know if we are experiencing the full force of this as the unemployment rate is now where it normally would be in a healthy economy. The impact of this will be known within the next decade. The voting blocks you refer to are based upon the 2016 election. The 2008 election looked different. There is a good chance that the 2020 election will see different results as well if Trump is able and chooses to run for reelection – perhaps even if the Democrats put up a less than stellar candidate. Coleman

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