Uncle Ted, Sarah Palin, and Kid Rock Come to the White House to Gloat

Yes, it freaks me out too. Progressives have been tracking Trump’s failures with the expectation that the bottom is about to drop out and then it will all be over. What they don’t understand is that as long as it’s him and not Obama, Hillary, or some other elite that’s in the White House, he can do (or not do) whatever he pleases.

Trump might not have killed Obamacare and replaced it with something more generous, built a wall, or brought back a single factory job, he might have kept NAFTA and the Iran agreement intact, but that just makes his most ardent supporters long for him all the more. Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin don’t do anything for Trump voters either, but, like Trump, they affirm their anger and estrangement and reflect it back at them.

The election may be over, but this is still a culture war, and it’s still a campaign. The less Trump does for his base, the angrier they will be at the progressive elites that they blame for their troubles (and his troubles too, because they believe that he’s one of them).

For now, that’s all that matters.

2 thoughts on “Uncle Ted, Sarah Palin, and Kid Rock Come to the White House to Gloat

  1. OK. Here is my rant for the day: I get it that some Americans feel that they have been marginalized and left behind. That they have felt that their lives have been stagnating or in many cases backsliding. That their future prospects are not bright. I really get that and feel compassion for their distress. But wait a minute. I have had a kind of bad year myself. I have a career off the rails. My income is zero. I have lost a child to addiction and I have spent a good deal of the last few years in turmoil. I have felt unheard and sometimes do not know where to turn. Furthermore my future prospects are not too bright. I do not see a time in the years to come where my biggest problem is finding time to “manage my wealth…”.But what I am not doing is vilifying the “other”. I am not seeking to enhance my life position by becoming tolerant of racist ideas and practices, of subjugating the women’s movement and revoking their rights, by deciding that black lives do not matter, that chaos is attractive in this fourth turning historical period. No, my lot is difficult but not made better by becoming intolerant and racist. Just because someone is in a bad place does not give them any right to make the world more polluted, more sexist, more authoritarian, more closed minded. We must always seek to do better.

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