Blood and Soil


Steve Bannon emerged from the shadows yesterday to descant on his vision for our future for CPAC.

If you’re not scared by the phrase “deconstruction of the administrative state,” then how about “new political order”? I’m terrified by both.

“We’re a nation with an economy, not an economy just in a global marketplace with open borders, but we’re a nation with a culture and a reason for being and I think that’s what unites us.” The syntax is a little tangled, but the drift is clear. That culture and reason for being is white and “Judeo-Christian,” as I believe they still put it, at least when Jared is within earshot. We’re talking about blood and soil here.

What scares me the most is the prospect of this administration settling down into some semblance of normalcy and driving legislation through Congress, which it will in the next few months. If you take the temperature of left wing social media, you’d think that Trump and Trumpism are on the brink of collapse. But if you look at Republican America, they are 100 percent behind it and its right wing agenda, even when that agenda hurts them, even when it’s diametrically opposed to what it was, say, a year ago, and everything that their fourth grade civics teachers taught them about American values and the American way. You need to go back to the 1930s (or the 1790s or the mid-19th century) to see how this kind of collective madness plays out. And yes, we were spared the worst of it back then. We might have had a president Huey Long or Lindbergh but we didn’t. We elected Lincoln just when things reached their tipping point in the 1800s. Trump is no Lindbergh or Long, but Bannon is very much a Himmler.

4 thoughts on “Blood and Soil

  1. Mr. Goldwag, hello. I contacted you a couple of years ago about a project I was coordinating in the African American community around this issue of “conspiracy” narratives–their origins, associations and purposes. That may or may not ring a bell. At that time I also contacted the expert Mr. Leonard Zeskind to inquire about the patriot, sovereign/organic citizen (i.e American white-nationalist movement) from whose mud (dare I say) these particular narratives sprang. Well, here it is. And it didn’t take much longer, eh? We will live to see this contest play out on the international stage as the white supremacist movement erects itself throughout the Western world. Will we also live to see the sacking of reason, academia, expression and dissent as the Brietbartization of the information resources entrenches itself on an unprecedented scale? How long before the vestiges of the media establishment caves entirely, and the more effective journalisms found in the anti-media establishment of the internet is systematically silenced? ICE pogroms are being further legitimized, and the creation of a “Muslim problem” and solution ratcheted up. As is, of course, the militarized suppression of Black and Indigenous dissent of which I will be victim at some point and in some way. The mainstream American public discourse wrestles with itself to pronounce the words Fascism, Nazism, Authoritarianism, White Nationalism, Le Pen, Wilders, Michaloliakos, et al . Others of us who know the dots well and make a lifestyle of keeping them connected struggle with organizing, informing, resisting. Resist y’all, at whatever cost.

    “Many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die. Don’t ask me why.” — Natural Mystic, Bob Marley.

    1. Of course I remember you! I’m afraid that I opined that those “extreme” movements would stay on the margins forever–that the arc of history was on our side and all that. I know I never expected to see the rise of a Steve Bannon–or for that matter, to see the likes of Infowars and the Breitbart Report joining the mainstream. Now all I can say is keep struggling, organizing, informing, resisting! And keep using those words. The worst thing we can do is to normalize.

  2. Absolutely agree to comparing Bannon to Himmler. And Steven Miller to Goebbels. The Third Reich In Power by Richard J Evans is a timely read.

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