Flynn Gets Voted Off the Island


1) The infighting, back-stabbing, and chaos in the West Wing are a feature, not a bug of Trump’s presidency. Reality shows turn on the Machiavellian wiles of their grotesque characters.

2) The weekly circus at Mar-a-Lago is to Trump’s incumbency what the heartland rallies were to his campaign. Now that he has won the White House, he can stay in his comfort zone, basking in the gaze of the rich suppliants who pay to play.

3) Trump’s right-wing agenda is a McGuffin; the prize that keeps his show’s plot boiling. It could change at any moment and almost certainly will, as its ratings ebb and flow.

4) The Trump Show’s eponymous star is so narcissistic and delusional that he’s forgotten that he works for its producers and sponsors, who actually care about that agenda, and not just for himself.

4) They may have already mounted a coup.


One thought on “Flynn Gets Voted Off the Island

  1. And this was the person who, when asked how he would be able to deport millions of people in our country illegally, stated it was only a matter of “Good Management”. The problem we have is not (as Trump claims) “leaks” (aka truth and reality) but poor mangement and judgment by our Fake President.

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