The New Hate Redux

Four years ago, in THE NEW HATE, I looked at the rise of the Tea Party and especially the explosion of anti-Obama conspiracism in books, radio, TV, and on the Internet, and traced their lineaments back to the Patriot militias that so hated the Clintons in the 1990s, the Minute Men, the John Birch Society and other anti-Communist/anti-Government organizations that arose in the 1950s and 1960s alongside the Councils of Concerned Citizens and other neo-Secessionist groups that followed in the wake of Brown v Board of Education, the America First movement in the 1930s, and Henry Ford’s anti-Jewish crusades in the 1920s. The deep structures and even some of the explicit language of all of these groups’ publications, I noted, owed a deep debt to the THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION.

Looking back further still, I wrote about the anti-Catholic Know Nothings’ horror-mongering about sex-crazed priests in the 1840s, and the great anti-Masonic panics of the 1830s and 1790s, which uncannily mirrored the McCarthy period.

Deep, dark currents of paranoia have always been present just beneath the surface of the American polity, I wrote, and unscrupulous politicians have always known how to activate them and use them to their advantage. Once elected, they stuff those genies back into their bottles and get back to business as usual, but one day, I warned, they may find themselves in the position of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Enter Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, whose Breitbart Report has become the platform for the Alt-Right. A font of conspiracism, Trump was able to pump his messages directly into his millions of fans’ bloodstreams via Twitter and, thanks to his celebrity and well-earned reputation as a loose cannon, round-the-clock media exposure. He won the impassioned support of Alex Jones (who says that 9/11 and the Newtown massacre were false flags carried out by a US government that has been putting estrogen in the lining of juice boxes to turn America’s children gay) and was enthusiastically endorsed by white nationalists like Jared Taylor, David Duke, and Richard Spencer, who hailed him as the “white person’s” candidate. Trump’s final campaign commercial described how an international cabal of insiders and money people have seized the levers of world power. Though it didn’t use the word “Jew,” it featured sinister images of three powerful Jews: George Soros, Janet Yellen, and Lloyd Blankfein. Al Franken called it a “German Shepherd whistle”; both its explicit and its subliminal messages came right out of the pages of the PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION.

One of THE NEW HATE’s out-sized villains was Glenn Beck, who used his Fox News TV show to tell his listeners that Obama was a Marxist who hated white people. In a bizarre shift, he is now calling out Bannon and company as Nazis—and apologizing for the terrible things he said about Obama, whom he now professes to admire. He sees what he helped create and he doesn’t like it at all.

People in the mainstream media didn’t pay much attention to THE NEW HATE when it came out, because the figures it focused on were just too weird and off-putting and its historical excurses too far off in the weeds. Obama, after all, was elected and re-elected—-what long-term significance could the birtherism of people like Donald Trump possibly have? With Trump’s terrifying rise to the presidency, I think its clarifying perspective is badly needed. I hate to sound grandiose, but if people had paid more attention to it back then, they might have known to take Trump more seriously. I predicted that he could win as far back as September, 2015 in my New York Times op ed. But I confess that by the time of the Democratic convention, I’d convinced myself that he couldn’t possibly prevail.

I should have reread my own book.


7 thoughts on “The New Hate Redux

  1. Arthur:

    Recently, I responded to an article written by one of our nation’s foremost historians of the extreme right. His article was similar in substance to what you wrote above — so I am copying my reply below.


    I would make one observation. Although the term “alt right” might be of relatively recent origin, the sentiments being expressed by those who subscribe to “alt-right” views are not.

    If you go back to the late 1940’s and 1950’s there are previous individuals and organizations and publications that expressed similar (or even identical) ideas.

    There is, of course, not unanimity amongst all these persons and groups but there is a common thread.

    On one end of the continuum is James Madole’s National Renaissance Party — a self-avowed neo-fascist group that attracted many well known (at that time) white nationalists, racists and anti-semites.

    Then there were also the more subdued or nuanced folks like Joseph P. Kamp (Constitutional Educational League) whose jeremiad against President Eisenhower is reminiscent of the attacks upon the legitimacy of President Obama. And nobody should forget the various permutations of Willis Carto’s enterprises — including his original newsletter, “Right” and his first organization, Liberty and Property, Inc. During the 1950’s it turns out that Carto’s mailing address was located about one block away from where I used to live on Ellis Street when I lived in San Francisco 20 years later!

    Carto was also involved with the Northern League Agency of North America (initially located in Sausalito CA) — which promoted a white nationalist argument during the 1950’s and early 1960’s through “Northern World” and “Western Destiny” magazines—-which might be described as advancing the ideas of conspiracist Francis Parker Yockey.

    My notes from a FBI Special Agent report about the Northern League:

    “Agent report states that Northern League previously shared PO Box 713, Sausalito CA with Western Destiny magazine. The same PO Box also had been used for Noontide Press which published Western Destiny. Western Destiny was published from 1956 through Spring 1963 and was succeeded by “Folk” through December 1963. Its editorial offices were at POB 881 – Milwaukee WI. In October 1965, Western Destiny was shown at POB 76062, Los Angeles CA 90005.”

    The editor of Western Destiny was Roger Pearson — whom I assume you are familiar with. If not, check:

    As one letter soliciting subscribers to Western Destiny pointed out:

    “Western Destiny is intended for people who think…No one proud of his family, Nation or Race can afford to be without it.”

    Among the other individuals and organizations who could be described as predecessors to the “alt-right” =

    The Columbians (Emory C. Burke), Christian Anti-Jewish Party and National States Rights Party (Ed Fields and J.B. Stoner), Nationalist White Party (Ben Klassen), National Youth Alliance aka National Alliance (William Pierce), Christian Identity Movement and Christian Defense League and Church of Jesus Christ-Christian (Wesley A. Swift, William Potter Gale, Richard G. Butler, Oren F. Potito), Soldiers of the Cross/The Pilgrim Torch (Kenneth Goff) — and dozens more.

    The anti-globalist, anti-big-capitalist banks and corporations and “America First” arguments currently in vogue in alt-right circles mimic the arguments presented by the John Birch Society from its inception. Those arguments were promoted through such conspiracy classics as “None Dare Call it Treason” (John Stormer, 1964); “The Naked Capitalist” (W. Cleon Skousen, 1970), “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen in 1972, and “The Insiders:Architects of the New World Order” by JBS President John McManus (1992).

  2. I read “The New Hate” when it first came out and I tried to get my friends to read it, but one seemed t have the time. If only more people had your fine book, perhaps we could avoid the nightmare we’ll be living for the next four years. But then, after thirty years, or more, of the GOP spreading hate for government and anything that did not reflect their views, sane men haven’t stood a chance. I wonder if America will survive four years of Trump?

    1. I do not agree with you on this. Trump is not advocating hate. He wants the ILLEGALS OUT of our country for the crimes they commit and the amount of money squeezed from legal Americans for all the freebies politicians give to the ILLEGALS. Trump also advocates vetting refugees/migrants who have been known to do terrorist acts as in the Boston marathon bombing and the California shooting where a non Christian killed 14 co-employees because he did not want the Christian show of the Christmas spirit. If he did not want that he should have stayed in his own country or went to another country who has the same inclination he has. But no, he came here and expects us to bend over backwards to accommodate him. And that is not right. Australia and Denmark openly came out saying that they should conform to the Australians or the Danes, no the other way around. WE now have a president-elect who has the guts to protect America from the hordes of people who come to our shores and expect us to conform to their beliefs. That is a lot of bull.

  3. Arthur: I am in the process of creating an “ALT-RIGHT HISTORICAL TIMELINE” webpage which I will publish online sometime in the next few weeks.

    What I am attempting to do is compile statements made by extreme rightists from the 1940’s thru 1960’s which, in many cases, mimic statements made today. In the past decades, the object of concern for the extreme right was “Jews” and “Communists” — but the terminology used in their time is almost identical to what is being presented about “Muslims” or “radical Islamists” today. Ditto for statements about “globalism” and “internationalism” vs “America First”.

    I copy below a few of my current entries — so you can see how this project will be arranged:


    1944 = Gerald L.K. Smith was the isolationist America First Party’s candidate for President. In 1947, Smith changed the Party’s name to Christian Nationalist Crusade. In 1948, Harry Romer (St. Henry OH) was the VP candidate of the America First Party. In 1952, the Crusade nominated Douglas MacArthur for President and California State Senator Jack B. Tenney for Vice-President. In 1945, Smith created the Nationalist News Service.

    12/44 = Self-avowed “nationalist” Carl H. Mote became President of the National Farmer’s Guild but he was removed from office for misconduct and insubordination and accused of making un-American statements when he wrote in the May 1945 issue of his newsletter, America Preferred, that Germans were morally and intellectually superior to Americans and English.

    1945 = The Save America Committee was founded by Rev. E.L. Curran who was associated with the Christian Front movement. Curran defended Tyler Kent as a nationalist martyr. Kent was convicted in 1940 of supplying U.S. diplomatic secrets to Germany while he served as a clerk in the American embassy in London.

    1952 = Another Party calling itself “America First” was organized and it nominated Douglas MacArthur for President and U.S. Senator Harry Byrd for Vice-President without their consent.

    1953 = Stephen Nenoff of Denton TX published “UN—World Dictatorship”

    1953 = Kenneth Goff published a pamphlet entitled “One World a Red World” which attacked the United Nations.

    10/53 Williams Intelligence Summary described Eisenhower Administration’s foreign policy as “get along with Communist governments—to build a world government.”

    02/54 = Gerald L.K. Smith (Christian Nationalist Crusade) organized a 2-day “Conference to Abolish the United Nations” held in San Francisco.

    12/17/54 = The House Committee on Un-American Activities released a “Report on Neo-Fascist and Hate Groups” which discussed James Madole’s National Renaissance Party and Conde McGinley’s Common Sense newspaper along with individuals associated with them.

    04/25/55 = A coalition of over 100 right-wing organizations opposed to the United Nations held its annual convention in San Francisco.


    12/27/51 = Mullins identified himself in this issue of Women’s Voice, as “Director” of Aryan League of America – 331 N. Lewis St – Staunton VA. In a letter to Women’s Voice publisher Lyrl Clark Van Hyning, Mullins wrote:

    “I hope our citizens will awaken to the fact that the international Jewish conspiracy against the white race is our real danger. Communism is a threat to America because of the thousands of Jewish agents working for it in this country.”

    1952 = Former California State Senator Jack B. Tenney accepted the Vice-Presidential nomination of Gerald L.K. Smith’s Christian Nationalist Party.

    1953 = Eustace Mullins book, The Federal Reserve Conspiracy was published. Its main argument was focused upon a purported plot by Jewish international bankers.

    01/53 = Cross and the Flag (Gerald L.K. Smith) declared that “Behind the Truman Machine and Behind the Eisenhower Machine Stands a Baruch.”

    9/1/53 = Common Sense (Conde McGinley): “Milton and Arthur [Eisenhower] like their brother Dwight, were veterans of political intrigue and confidential agents of the Jewish Gestapo in America for years.”

    Attacks upon “Zionists” and “Khazar Jews” frequently were made in the pages of publications such as Conde McGinley’s “Common Sense” newspaper published from Union, NJ. Extreme right propagandists declared that present day descendants of the Khazars controlled the Soviet Union and most of Europe and were engaged in a conspiracy for world control.

    12/53 = Conde McGinley’s newspaper, Common Sense, published one of its most widely circulated articles: “The Coming Red Dictatorship” which contained photographs of 36 prominent Jewish Americans. The article warned that “Asiatic Marxist Jews control entire world” and “thousands of plotters placed in key positions.”

    July/August 1955 article in “Women’s Voice” by Eustace Mullins entitled “International Finance”, made the following observations:

    Page 11: “There is no ism or international organization which is not controlled directly or indirectly by international bankers. Communism is the most useful puppet of international finance today. Completely financed by the Rothschild bankers through the New York banking house of Kuhn Loeb of New York and Max Warburg Co of Germany, alien agents of international finance overthrew the legal government of Russia in 1917. Now international finance has divided the world into two parts, the democratic world and the Communist world, with the usual expectation of colliding the two forces in a highly profitable slaughter.” …

    “Now international finance faces two alternatives: 1. to start the Third World War between ‘democratic’ and ‘Communist’ nations, a war which cannot help but use atomic weapons in such quantity as to destroy most of our civilization. 2. to declare an immediate world dictatorship and execute all opponents of international finance.

    “The peoples of the earth have no alternative. They must execute the two hundred members of international finance or civilization will perish from the earth.” [bold emphasis in original]

    06/55 = Eustace Mullins’ article entitled “Jews Mass Poison American Children!” was published in Women’s Voice. He observed:

    “One of the most shocking and sadistic episodes in the history of the world is now being carried out in the United States by Jewish mass poisoners of children! Jonas Salk, Yiddish inventor of a so-called polio vaccine, is directing the inoculation of millions of American children with this sinister concoction of live polio germs. All that is known is that it CAUSES polio in an alarming percentage of children injected with it, while its effectiveness in preventing polio is a myth of Jewish propaganda.”

    “As one commentator after another warns over the radio that the Jewish Salk vaccine contains live polio germs which are killing our children, the nation’s press refuses to carry these warnings, preferring to see children die rather than criticize the sacred Jew vaccine. Instead, the press prints testimonial after testimonial in FAVOR of the Jew vaccine from the filthy immoral rats in the U.S. Public Health Service in Washington which is nothing but a publicity bureau for Jewish poisons such as fluorine in water.”

    “If we look at history, we discover that the Jews have been attacked many times for poisoning and murdering children, but seldom have they found a method so clever and diabolical as the Salk vaccine. It is not too late to save our children from this latest atrocity of the Jews!

    Followers of Gerald L.K. Smith in Seattle, WA distributed pamphlets entitled “Murder, Inc.” and “Polio Gambling” which described the polio vaccines as promoting “the forces of anti-Christ”.

    May/June 1957 = The Constitution Party held its Convention in San Francisco. Its principal speakers were Russell Maguire and retired Marine Lt. Gen. Pedro A. del Valle. Maguire denounced “international bankers” whom he claimed planned both World Wars and whose objective was “to destroy the United States and Christianity.” Del Valle also attacked “private international bankers” and “internationalism”.

    1958 = In the eleven months from November 1957 to October 1958, there were 5 bombings and 3 attempted bombings of Jewish religious institutions. On October 12, 1958, the Temple in Atlanta GA was bombed. A week later, 5 individuals connected with the National States Rights Party were indicted. The principal defendant (George Michael Bright) first trial ended with a hung jury (jurors voted 9 to 3 for conviction) and his second trial resulted in acquittal. Among the character witnesses who testified at Bright’s trials were: Eldon L. Edwards (Imperial Wizard of the U.S. Klans), Arthur Cole, Matt Koehl, and Edward Fields (National States Rights Party). Some witnesses spoke about “the Jewish conspiracy” responsible for the trials.

    03/15/58 = Merwin K. Hart’s Economic Council Letter replied to critics of the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion by stating: “One would suppose that the important thing about the Protocols is not their possible lack of authenticity, but rather whether they are a prophecy as to something that is now being fulfilled. And most informed Americans would consider them a very accurate prophecy indeed.” Hart also challenged the accuracy of The Diary of Anne Frank in his April 15th issue. [Note: In 1960, Merwin Hart created the first chapter of the John Birch Society in New York City.]

    09/58 = Russell Maguire’s American Mercury magazine featured an article entitled “The World-Wide Betrayal” which the magazine described as “A Chronology of the Zionist Master Plan for World Domination”.
    1959 = Don Bell (Palm Beach FL) published a pamphlet entitled “Terrible 1313” in which he reprinted issues of Upton Close’s newsletter, Closer Up which attacked the idea of consolidating governmental entities into metropolitan units. The consolidation proposals were described as plans of a conspiracy of international bankers.

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