Why Trump?

My theory of Trump, Limbaugh, and the whole right wing hate circus in a nutshell (Hillary too).

As I see it, globalism and high technology have allowed first world capitalism to expand while dispensing with the need to give domestic workers a buy-in. It’s a temporary victory for the owner/entrepreneurial class but also a fatal contradiction for the system, because it’s politically unsustainable.

The Rush Limbaughs and Donald Trumps of the world are anger entrepreneurs. They rile up the workers that global capitalism has abandoned because they’re good at it and can make a lot of money and gain a lot of power by doing so. Trump’s rise should have given them pause, but they don’t think like Marxists so they don’t see that they are hastening their own demise.

In theory I believe that capitalism can survive this turn, provided it lets go of the idea of endless growth and accepts a vast expansion of the welfare state. But capitalism isn’t sentient and self-critical, it’s just a dumb force like gravity, so it can’t correct itself. For that, you need strong, visionary leaders and powerful communicators, and the Trumps and the Clintons and the Limbaughs have taken all those jobs.

Trump will be hoist by his own petards in November, but Hillary will only postpone the day of reckoning. If I were the kind of person who gets up on soap boxes, I would be shouting this to the rooftops, but isn’t that what Bernie Sanders spent the last year doing?


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