My Fifteen Minutes as a Trump Basher

My 15 minutes lasted just over 24 hours, but I think it’s run its course. Having a right wing celebrity like Ann Coulter notice me was exciting, but now just the bottom feeders are thinking about me. This morning I woke up to an e mail telling me to “go back to selling tchotskies” and I just stumbled on this comment about my Times piece on a site that wasn’t familiar to me: “Nasty bit of stereotypical Jewish slander by Goldwag….. I’m sure Kevin MacDonald has some things to say about this patented Jewish technique of “putting the goyim and their ‘leaders’ on the couch.” This guy also hit me with the “gotcha” that Ammann wasn’t Swedish. Not the most careful reader in the world.

MacDonald actually did publish something about me about back when THE NEW HATE came out. Among other things he said, “Jewish polemics against rightwing populism are an old and dishonorable tradition at this point, but writers like Goldwag have to keep reinventing it in order to keep up the paranoia in their audience.”

I’m not particularly paranoid about anti-Semitism; I’ve certainly never suffered in any material way because of it. If I hadn’t written about it, I would think that it’s as extinct as anti-Masonry and anti-Papism are in this country. But since I have, I’ve sort of had my nose rubbed in the fact that it does live on–along with the vestiges of anti-Masonry and anti-Catholicism. As the old saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same–at least in the murkiest of murky depths.

And now back to my life.

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