Chance the Gardener


If all goes well, the Donald Trump article I posted and took down the other day will reappear as an opinion piece in a big venue fairly soon–I will post a link.  In the meantime, Trump continues to loom large in my nightmares.

This article in The Hill is terrifying: “Trump’s business acumen is proven…..he isn’t afraid of the media, nor does he use the crutch of notes and prepared speeches. He’s a negotiator, not a political puppet. He’s a dealmaker who thrives in the hot seat of a boardroom. Logic suggests he’ll be the same in foreign negotiations or hunkered down in a military command center….Trump will sail to victory next year.”

I’m beginning to think that Trump is a mirror world Chauncey Gardner, the savant that Peter Sellers played in BEING THERE. He’s as mean as Chauncey was naive, and as cunning as Chauncey was simple, but he’s making it up as he goes along just the same. People look at him and listen to him and see and hear what they need to. Hillaryites see the buffoon that their standard-bearer can’t fail to beat; the silent majority (are they really a majority?) see their knight in shining armor.

How can I put this? If Trump does become our president, he will be precisely the president we deserve.

PS Wow, I just scrolled down and read what I wrote on June 26, after the court upheld gay marriage and Obamacare. I predicted that the Republicans would put the repeal of both at the center of the 2016 campaign. Instead their front-runner is a guy whose response to a reporter’s question as to what he’d say to a married gay couple who asked him how, with his multiple marriages, he could pass judgement on theirs, answered, “I guess I’d tell them that they have a point”; and who praised Scotland and Canada’s single-payer system at the first debate.

It kind of makes your head spin. When the chips are down, hate trumps ideology and even religion (excuse the pun) right down the line–the evangelicals are backing Trump two to one compared to Huckabee. It’s ironic that a billionaire should owe his populist appeal to wage inequality (you’d think they’d hate him), but as I’ve always said, the good Lord’s sense of irony is beyond post-modern. Actually I’ve never said that till now, but I probably will again.

Can we all agree that Trump isn’t funny anymore? And that he’s not good for the Democrats–at least if we nominate Hillary Clinton?


One thought on “Chance the Gardener

  1. I actually thought I was the only one who noticed the bizarre similarities to the character in Being There. It’s surreal in some sense. And terrifying of course.

    I happened across your blog because I Google chauncey and Trump thinking someone had to have noticed this.

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