Ron Paul’s Newsletters


The scan above is from the Ron Paul Political Report, circa October 1992, 22 years ago almost to the day.

As 2016 draws nigh, and Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and lord knows who else commence wrestling for the soul of the Republican Party, the question of how “mainstream” Rand Paul is compared to his father is likely to arise again. Of course the racist newsletters that Ron Paul either wrote and disavowed, didn’t write but mostly agreed with, or, as Henry Ford also claimed of the hundreds of thousands of words of anti-Semitic commentary that appeared under his by-line in The Dearborn Independent, didn’t know about at all, will once again become a bone of contention. As Ryan Lizza told Terry Gross on Fresh Air, “there’s no doubt this issue of race that has sort of haunted the Paul family now for many years, is one that’s going to play a huge role, if he runs for president.”

Interested readers will want to check out the ITY bored blog, which has digital transcripts and scans of many of the columns, plus links to most of the relevant articles about them (and the Terry Gross interview).

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