A famous reader

It’s always exciting when I find out that someone famous has read me–or when one of my readers becomes famous. The white nationalist and frequent (and always civil) commenter on this blog Mindweapons in Ragnorak is such a one, though his 15 minutes couldn’t have come at a worse time for him–his wife is running for office. What his new-found notoriety will do to her political chances is an open question; his blog however, which is one of the more thoughtful of its ilk, has been suspended.

Something tells me that he won’t be quiet for long. I’ll keep an eye out for his new name.


3 thoughts on “A famous reader

  1. Being a recent RSS subscriber to the Goldwag blog, this is quite a litmus test.

    I’m a proud cultural supremacist. I believe that secular social democracy is the finest socio-political model enacted thus far, and I’m acutely aware that it has generally been implemented by force upon the darker races by the lighter races.

    That said, the whiny, self-pitying content of the Mindweapons in Ragnarok blog deserves no more respect or consideration than any other my-favourite-things-are-the-best-things screed.

    It’s easy to dismiss any ideologically disagreeable content for being shallow, but MWiR really is bottom-feeding bullshit. It’s simply another forum for repetition of the banal, narcissistic right-wing tropes that are available from a thousand other sources, not least of all Fox News.

    Forgive me for not being stunned by its earth-shattering revelations. There’s no International White Persons Day! Whites aren’t treated as an oppressed minority! The single most culturally and economically dominant faction in the entire world doesn’t receive special recognition for being systemically disadvantaged!

    Sure sounds like white males are on the verge of extinction. Yet liberals continue to behave as if minorities need some built-in protections in order to participate equally.

    Fools! Don’t they realise that Rob Freeman is polite and articulate? Don’t these racial nihilists understand that he can construct entire self-pitying sentences without screaming “NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER”?

    Really, Arthur? Is politeness the sole criterion for seriousness?

    Anyway, Arthur Goldwag goes off my reading list and way down the list of intellectual credibility.

    1. I hardly endorse Mind Weapon or anything White Nationalist. I think I’ve made myself pretty clear on that front, certainly in my exchanges with MW himself. But I’m not particularly into Schadenfreude and if you read some of the other comments I’ve attracted (on this blog and elsewhere) you might understand why I acknowledge his relative courtesy.

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