More Fallout from Salon

And now here’s this from The Daily Paul, which casts me as a Winston Smith-like functionary for Obama’s Ministry of Truth.

I have no doubt Arthur Goldwag has little trouble sleeping at night. He is either fully oblivious to the real world around him or he believes in his mind the establishment talking points are important enough, for whatever their supposed purpose, to spoon feed to his readers. In either case, the psychology of Goldwag’s paradigm of perception, and of all those who march to his beat, is well worthy of study. We “conspiracy theorists” (for lack of a more meaningful and less hackneyed phrase) who better understand the world for what it really is, would do well to learn from the likes of Aurthur Goldwag and his ilk as we ever attempt to unveil the truth before the apathetic and ignorant. Unlike Goldwag, we understand this is the only way to liberate ourselves from the machinations of darkness and tyranny.

So funny to see my name invoked and mispelled by people who haven’t a clue who I am, or what I write about (though I’ll give this guy credit, he did read my piece).

The commenters at Infowars are the best:

Goldwag? What a joke. A good little mama’s boy, out telling the lies he was taught to tell. Helping mom’s friends and relatives steal and kill. Just like they did to millions of Russians in the early 1900s while proclaiming themselves Marxists who were “for the people.” LIARS

Goldwag… Another jewish supremist trying to cover their evil deeds while trying to discredit opposition as ‘conspiracy nuts’.

I find it very revealing that writer for Salon, Arthur Goldwag must think anyone who reads his story must be brain dead. I am especially amused that Goldwag wants to compare believers in a Benghazi cover-up to those who supported Stalin’s mass starvation of millions of Russians in the 1930’s. How can Glodwag not be aware of his fellow pro-Soviet journalist Walter Duranty, the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter.

“Goldwag the Pedophile” would make a great headline on the cover of the National Equirer or NY Times!

Darrell Issa would whip it out and take a piss on Arthur Goldwag… problem is, that gay liberal shill would like it too much.

It really is like turning over a rock.


2 thoughts on “More Fallout from Salon

  1. The pedophile reference looks libelous to me. I’d complain to the owner of the Daily Paul or the Paul organization.

    I am very much opposed to your politics, but in my blogging I try to play clean — no slander, no posting of peoples addresses, no threats, no racial slurs, no cyber-bullying.

  2. The Pedophile guy is at Infowars; I’m sure the Daily Paul guy doesn’t have any official standing–he posted the same thing word for word at Salon too and probably on his own blog. I’m much more embarrassed for them than I am for myself. The internet really brings out the worst in a lot of people. I don’t consider you a cyberbully at all.

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