Fallout from the Salon Piece

Wow. I’ve never had Infowars write a whole piece about one of my articles before. And then there’s another article-length post at a blog called Cannonfire that says that, impoverished, simple-minded thinker that I am, I “stipulated” that conspiracists like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck and even the woman that channeled the prophecies to Festinger’s flying saucer cult  operate in good faith–that I use cognitive dissonance to excuse demagogues and charlatans rather than to understand their followers.

I’m used to commenters not reading my pieces before they trash them, but this is the first time my non-readers are writing article-length critiques of its headline.

I write for such a small audience–and only a very small percentage of the people who have an opinion about me have actually read me. It’s bizarre.


2 thoughts on “Fallout from the Salon Piece

  1. For what it’s worth, I thought it was an excellent piece. Refreshingly free of dogma. It reminded me of Molly Ivins on Timothy McVeigh.

  2. Seconding what Mariah said. I’m going to be thinking of that essay often over the next few days. It would be a great thing if that empathetic perspective could make us all a little more patient and tolerant, and feel less vengeful toward our perceived political foes.

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