The United States of Paranoia, Redux

My full-blown review of Jesse Walker’s THE UNITED STATES OF PARANOIA.


One thought on “The United States of Paranoia, Redux

  1. I am not a fan of Randy Weaver or David Koresh-however it is clear to me both those situations were mismanaged by the ham-handedness and incompetence of a number of government entities. Weaver was a nothing-he was entrapped and sold a sawed off shotgun and from there the problems arose. As odious as his beliefs were he made an attempt to disassociate himself from the society he despised! As for Koresh-I guess part of this had to do with alleged child molestation and a question if he had illegal weapons. Has any government entity attacked the Catholic Church of Penn State militarily for these same issues with children? I understand they knew Koresh left the compound on a certain they and surely could have attempted to take him into custody then. There are all sorts of stories about who was responsible for the burning of that compound-however -how stupid was the tactic that the government used which I see as the main reason those people died. I certainly don’t believe the evil government is behind every bad thing-however clearly this was gross mismanagement and incompetence. And that is what is often lost in when people want certain entities called into account for this. Same thing with questions about 9-11-everyone gets dumped in with the extreme conspiracists. The fact that the Bush administration had enough legitimate warnings of an impending attack on American soil to at least take some actions of issuing warnings or ramping up some military alert seems to get lost in all this discussion. This is criminal negligence and I think a case could be made for it-but I doubt it will because those widows and other people with legitimate questions will always be marginalized with the “conspiracy nuts”.

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