We Have Met the Enemy and It is Us

A critical distinction and one that we should keep in mind as the JFK anniversary approaches: The problem with conspiracy theory isn’t that it believes that the government is not to be trusted.  The trouble with conspiracy theory is its simplism; its simple faith that by holding a mirror up to the power structure its shadow opposite can be discerned–that the enemy isn’t the hegemon we know, but a hidden hegemon that can be known.

Our big trouble isn’t that outsiders (Communists, Fascists, Jewish globalist bankers) have secretly subverted our otherwise flawless system–it’s that the system itself is systemically corrupt.



2 thoughts on “We Have Met the Enemy and It is Us

  1. Conspiracy theory in general tends to be simplistic, true. But JFK conspiracies are anything but simplistic. The mind boggles at all the directions and alleys to get lost in; factions and infighting too adds a whole other universe of complexity. I have intentionally stayed clear from that crowd largely for that reason. But there’s also sophistication behind much of it, and to be even conversant with them would require years and years of study, equal to or surpassing that of graduate school. The media coverage on this 50th anniversary totally overlooks this fact. They aren’t even able to present a dumbed-down version of any facet of the specialized field of JFK assassination research.

  2. The fatal flaw in the official story is that it’s impossible to get off the number of shots Oswald did in the few seconds he did. Let alone excellent deflection shots on a moving target.

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