American Exceptionalism

“Obamacare is the most dangerous piece of legislation ever passed in Congress,” Representative John Fleming, Republican of Louisiana said recently. “It is the most existential threat to our economy” that the country has seen “since the Great Depression.”

Interestingly enough, Fleming is an ardent believer in American Exceptionalism–a sentiment which Obama’s enemies accused him of lacking in (until his September 10  speech and Putin’s rejoinder).

It is Fleming’s belief in Exceptionalism, in fact, that drives his opposition to Obamacare, according to this Facebook post from a year ago:

The media and the left want to slice and dice this country, not only into demographic slivers but according to many different “interest” groups. Part of American exceptionalism has always been that Americans consider themselves to be Americans first, then male, female, class, etc. second. The other important part of American exceptionalism to be noted is that unique to America, you can (and many often do) move up or down from one class to another based on effort. Media and liberals would have you believe that you are born into your “class” and remain there the rest of your life. This has never been true, that is until now. Under Obama, there are 23 million Americans unable to find opportunity.

Amazing to realize that the American dream came to a crashing halt in 2008, when Obama was inaugurated. Of course, without health insurance, people still have the freedom to move down.



5 thoughts on “American Exceptionalism

  1. Americans need to man up and face the facts of their downward mobility. It’s been a long, grand party but the bills have come due. Not only that, we spent a lot of our money on crap.

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