Trayvon Martin

Everyone else has already commented on the George Zimmerman verdict. Even as a so-called “hate expert,” I’m not sure what I have to add, but I will say this: if you really want to see the elephant in the room, you have to read the comments after the stories, as distasteful as they are. Like this one, which I just cut and pasted from the Huffington Post. Its unfinished last paragraph reads almost like something from the Onion.

What I can’t seem to understand is that Sharpton, the President, and other black leaders are up in arms about Zimmerman going free. We live in America where a person is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That is why we have our men and women risking their lives every day in Afghanistan and other foreign countries. Te enemies of the US do not care about the color of the American they kill, they just want to kill them.

I see nowhere that Sharpton and Obama are extending their condolences to the family of the man and woman that was slaughtered in their small jewelry store in North Atlanta by 3 black kids. Nor do i see the NAACP and all the celebrities taking sides with the white families that are the subjected to the senseless killings by the blacks. The fact of the matter is that blacks are involved in more murders and robberies than whites.The cry is that the blacks do not have the same opportunities as whites in the social service programs. That theory is BULL- – – T. The blacks are given preferential treatment in all facets of every social service program in the United States.

Let’s be fair. Some of my closest friends are black. They go to work everyday, struggle to pay their bills, educate their children, and try to have a better life for their families. The color of their skin has nothing to do with their desire for a better

Trolls articulate a lot of the things that don’t get said in polite society, and to a significant slice of American society, the story of race in the United States is one of the endless victimization of white people. White workers have been shoved aside by cheap immigrant labor or the undeserving recipients of affirmative action. Whites are routinely robbed, assaulted, and murdered by black youth. And political correctness has put a gag on any white person who has the temerity to complain about the raw deal they’re getting.

No one really mourns the Trayvon Martins of the world, this line of thinking continues, it’s just a pose. To a professional hypocrite like Al Sharpton, he’s a club to use against long-suffering whites. Martin’s cracker-hating family is out for publicity and vengeance. Our Marxist Kenyan president is looking for another excuse to redistribute white wealth in the name of reparations (or as George Zimmerman’s father, the retired judge, put it  in his e-book, he is “shamelessly” exploiting the case to “to obtain great advantage in the African American community”). Besides, the triumphant kicker goes, race had nothing to do with it–Zimmerman is part Hispanic.

Stand Your Ground and a lot of other NRA extremism reflects this sense of white disempowerment, impotence, and resentment. Trayvon Martin might have been a 17-year-old with a bag of Skittles, but he was also “a gun wielding dope smoking delinquent into street fighting,” as this headline at The Truth About Guns put it; to prove that Zimmerman was innocent, all that was needed was to prove that Martin was black, which is to say, that he posed as much of a danger to Zimmerman and the community he guarded as Zimmerman supposed him to. White people are surrounded by angry, murderous blacks and the state does nothing to protect them; Zimmerman was like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike.

Before he pulled the trigger, Zimmerman was a loser wannabe with a gun and a penchant for domestic violence. He would have been a martyr to political correctness had the trial not gone his way, now he has an opportunity to become a kind of homicidal Joe the Plumber. I doubt he’ll make the most of it; he’s not very charismatic or articulate and more to the point, he’s facing years of civil litigation.

Besides, Zimmerman really isn’t the issue–it’s Florida’s systemic racism, as manifested in Sanford’s police department, which took Zimmerman at his word at the scene of the crime and didn’t get around to arresting him until outside pressure compelled them to. It’s a state legal system that enables and even promotes vigilantism, that litigates a conception of self defense that is capacious enough to allow an armed man who provokes a fight with an unarmed youth to successfully claim self defense. But until a black adult shoots an unarmed white teenager and successfully defends himself on that basis in a Florida courtroom, the law is unlikely to face a serious challenge.

And with the economy as precarious as it is and a GOP that is staking its future on securing an even larger share of white votes than it already has, those racial resentments aren’t likely to go away either.


10 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin

  1. Your comments are spot-on.

    One wonders what George Zimmerman will do with his life now? It seems unlikely that he will want (or be able) to work in any job that requires public contact–unless, perhaps, Florida State Membership Director for the NRA.

    It seems like the larger picture here consists of three steps.

    1. Put guns into the hands of as many people as possible.

    2. Permit (encourage?) gun owners to bring their guns into whatever places or situations they prefer (churches, schools, restaurants, movie theaters, political events, or just walking down a sidewalk)

    3. When (not “if”) they wound or kill someone, make it the presumption that they were entitled to do so and that the victim “deserved” to be shot — even if the victim is an unarmed teenager.

  2. Well we have to remember when the first verdicts came in on the Rodney King case and the Amadu Diallo case-they were overturned. Hopefully this will get to a federal court and things will be brought out that have no been disclosed. I speculate that Zimmerman may have had some assitance in this whole endeavor and if that is the case-those people need to be held in account. Arthur I think that piece you posted was feedback and does not reflect on anyone at the Huffington Post. And I have heard worst things since then.

  3. This is all nonsense. If you want to debate why white people constantly feel victimized in a society where they hold all the advantages, or whether stand your ground is a good policy, or host a gun control intervention that is fine. But none of that has anything to do with Treyvon Martin decision. This kid’s death had been used as pulpit for so many ignorant, wannabe legal scholars to voice their social concerns its disgusting. George Zimmerman had no right to act the way he did. But the court applies facts of the case to the laws on the books and under those facts this is as about as clear a case of self defense as there is. Self-defense essentially boils down to about one thing: a reasonable apprehension of fear for your life or bodily harm. When someone is on top of you, breaks your nose, and bashes your head into the ground you have a pretty strong concern for your bodily harm. Apply that to the law and you get a self-defense acquittal. Now lets flip the parties. If Treyvon, being followed by an unknown grown man with a gun, had beaten Zimmerman to death, he too would have been able to use self-defense as he had a reasonable fear for his own safety. That’s were it ends. None this other BS is relevant to the outcome of the case. Its just clever manipulation by those who are trying to gain off the tragic lose of another. Black people kill black people and use self-defense as do white people against white people, asian against asian, and so on. To sit here and claim that race was the issue that swayed the court and not the facts is just ignorant, especially for a self-proclaimed “hate expert” like yourself.

    Zimmerman’s a jackass and he will most likely (and hopefully) be sued in civil court because his actions did precipitate the wrongful death of a young man. But that’s not what was being decided last week.

    1. Note that I didn’t bash the jury or the judge; I criticized the legal context. And if you think a black security guard could shoot an unarmed white teenager in Sanford, Florida and win a self defense acquittal, then I can only marvel at your naivety.

      1. if the white kid was fighting him when it happened, yea i do believe he would and should get away. although zimmerman was not a security guard but just some dude who saw too many out for justice movies.

      2. Which proves that you’re not a racist; doesn’t say much about the Sanford police, the arguments that Zimmerman’s defense used, or even the instructions the judge gave to the jury (“Jurors were told only about the parts of Florida self-defense law that benefited the defendant, without knowing anything about the most relevant potential limitation.”–see this very interesting piece in the Huffington Post).

    2. Well the silliness of trying to maintain this has nothing to do with race is beyond ludicrious.Someone came across some of George’s posts on his MySpace account and it shows just how racist George was and no doubt, still is. He never went to the ER the night of the shooting and the only thing ascertained from those pictures are superficial scalp wounds that bleed profusely. None of Zimmerman’s DNA was on Treyvon’s person despite how badly Zimmerman claimed he was hurt. There were no bushes for Treyvon to jump out of as the picture shows one small shrub. Zimmerman made 40 plus calls to the police to specifically report black young men. He made a statement referrring to a “coon” to the 9-11 operator but then claimed he was saying “goon”. When this gets to Federal Court where it is indeed heading-we will see a different trial and I have a hunch that not only will Mr.Zimmerman serve time but all those people who facilited him in his crime will also be brought to justice.

  4. I think most of what has been said regarding the verdict in the Zimmerman trial is spot on. America refuses to deal with race, much less the growing disparity gap between rich and poor. Zimmerman will always be considered a murderer regardless of the verdict and will have to live with that stigma. What we need to focus on is repealling the Stand Your Ground law as it only seems to apply in cases where the prep killed is either African American or Hispanic. If we continue with the dillusion that we live in a color-blind society, without dealing with the fundamental racism that corrupts the justice system, we will truly rid of ourselves of more incidents involving the murder young men of color.

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