Libertarians in Anarchist Clothing

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2 thoughts on “Libertarians in Anarchist Clothing

  1. Great post, Arthur.

    Certainly the Koch brothers’ efforts to manipulate public opinion through a deeply funded campaign of disinformation bears some resemblance to conspiracy. However, in sorting out the anatomy of the serpent that consumes our world and will lead us through its burning bowels to irreversible climate change, widespread calamity as water levels rise, and the daily list of species becoming extinct, it is important to consider the role of education and how information is politicised.

    The two party system is clearly a source of popular discontent as manifested by anarcho-capitalists and anarcho-syndicalists who reject the setting of the political agenda by corporations through unfettered political lobbies. It is clear to most astute observers that apart from the polarized rhetoric during elections, the head of state tends to implement a more or less similar platform once elected despite party affiliation. Various minor and major issues are posited as the most pressing political agenda, but the issues of planetary catastrophe and the possible extinction of the human race — which is a legitimate possibility — get shunted aside and swamped by endlessly stalled debates such as gun control and immigration reform that rise and fall and leave the real questions of the future of our planet and species unanswered.

    This is not to say Washington is so much conspiring to create this agenda, globalistic, or jingoistic, or whatever it may be, but that the American public has been asleep at the wheel for too many decades. The young populist left gravitates toward libertarianism because they are not well informed of the consequences of its precepts, in the same way that previous generations “tuned in, turned on, and dropped out” in an essentially futile rejection of prevailing social values. In both instances there are residues of political change and some influence upon popular sentiment, but business as usual — which means plutarch$ as the puppet masters — continues unabated.

    There are so many political issues which become co-opted into what amounts to the professional wrestling circuit with masked menaces saying “don’t discover me! don’t discover me!” as they battle it out and feign injury, taking their minor bruises, enthralling the masses, and collecting their pay at the end of the scripted debate.

    Unfortunately neither Chomsky nor Jones have enough popular support to tip the scales away from a system that is leading our nation and our planet to self destruction. At some point, the American people will need to wake up and mobilize massive popular efforts to limit the control of corporations over polity and to make sure that the voice of the People is respected as the Founders intended. As long as we nod and dance complacently like bobble headed boobs in the limelight of unchanging political theatre, it is almost an assured thing that our planet will become increasingingly uninhabitable and the ones responsible for destroying it will be the only ones with the financial means to survive.

  2. I am more inclined to cite Chomsky than Jones. Jones is a lunatic (opinion). Additionally, the Founders did not have their slaves in mind when considering the liberties of the people. No one is perfect, but in our veneration of them we should bear that in mind. I am not entirely sure that capitalism can be controlled to promote a political end that would satisfy socail values. It is rutheless by nature. To perpetuate a business there must exist some form of exploitation even if it is benign. Not saying that socialism is any better, or even possible.

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