Sandy Hook Truthers

Salon (click here and here) and Gawker have been covering the rise of the Sandy Hook Truth movement, which has already built up a considerable head of steam. Not coincidentally, many of its pioneers cut their teeth making 911 Truth videos; their learning curve is less steep this time around, and their memes are propagating more quickly.

The story they tell points to shadowy forces (Illuminati, Mossad/Rothschild/Obama agents, gun control advocates) who conspired to kill (or pretended to kill) a bunch of school children, using Mind Control, psychotropic medicines, and trained assassins. They embedded clues to their intentions in Batman movies and The Hunger Games books (whose author lives in Newtown), but botched the roll out of their disinformation campaign so egregiously that anyone with access to a modem can pick it to pieces. The “parents” of the “victims” are terrible actors–and the producers of the extravaganza carelessly allowed one of those “victims” to pose with the president. The additional gunmen (the Jack Rubys whose job it was to kill the patsy/witnesses) got themselves caught on video, etc.

Second Amendment extremists are tuned into this, of course, but they overlap with a much larger universe–the neo-Birchers, Ron Paulites, and self-described anarchists that make up Alex Jones’ audience, the hard racist right, and the usual run of Protocols of the Elders of Zion anti-Semites (Veterans Today explains how the killings were Israeli revenge for Obama’s insufficient support). At least one mainstream broadcaster, Ben Swann of Fox19 in Cincinatti, has linked Newtown to the mass shootings in Aurora, Colorado and Oak Creek, Wisconsin, as “false flags.”

The people who made the video at the top of this post (which has been watched by some 5 million people) are motivated by politics to a certain extent, but by sheer gamesmanship as well, from the sound of what they told Gawker:

“[I]t all started when me and my friends used to research 9/11 in high school,” the auteur behind the video told me over email. (He declined to give me a name or personal information, “due to the sensitivity of the channel and my concern for my security,” and signed his emails T.O.T.V., after his YouTube channel’s title “ThinkOutsidetTheTV.”) “That’s what really got me started when it came to researching government cover ups […] Once I learned about all the false flag attacks in history that have been proven to be true, I knew it was only a matter of time before another came a long”…..”When Sandy Hook first happened i just had a feeling like it was all too perfect,” T.O.T.V. continued. “I just had this feeling deep down that these people and the whole town had this artificial vibe about them.” The perceived “artificiality” of the grieving parents is a cornerstone piece of “evidence” produced by Sandy Hook Truther:, the premiere Sandy Hook Truther site on the web, has an entire section called “All Actors,” under an enormous header reading “NO TEARS,” devoted to videos of families deemed insufficiently grief-stricken.

Newtown is not something to grieve or fear but a puzzle to solve. Its victims aren’t victims at all. Everything that sheds doubt on the theory is disinformation; everything else is proof.

To quote my own CULTS, CONSPIRACIES AND SECRET SOCIETIES: “Though conspiracists invariably describe themselves as hard-boiled types, skeptical, unillusioned, and cynical to the core, there is much that is reassuring and optimistic in their worldview. Conspiracists believe in prophecy; they have a congenital distaste for shadings, nuances, and uncertainties. However Mannichaean their world might be, however Gnostic in its manifold deceptions and depravities, ultimately it is a profoundly meaningful place. Not only do its events admit of neat explanations; salvation remains a distinct possibility. The day of reckoning will come, they believe, when they can convince enough ‘sheeple’ to see through the enemy’s ‘big lies.’ Truth and justice will have their day.”


10 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Truthers

  1. I go to political chat and I see these conspiracists there and I have actually given them some legitimate information in terms of government malefeasance and overstep. But they really are not interested in that -they really gravitate toward their foregone conclusions and what feeds that. Yes government over reaches -yes there are influential people who are on the top of buisiness and government who run things -indeed. But to them it all has to be interconnected witjh nonsensical old stories-otherwise they don’t care about it. Case in point-someone was talking about 3-D printing which is in its early stages but has been used for replication of certain parts and components of large things in some sort of plastic. Well to hear these people-they are saying people are printing guns and cars. Granted this stuff will be more sophisticated at some point -but not yet. Actually I was wondering when they were going to connect Hurricaine SANDY with SANDY Hook and see what all that meant.

    1. It’s like these clowns will find anything remotely plausible (and that’s even strecthing it) to validate their extremist views and outlandish conspiracy theories.

      1. Hey Charlie long time -no see! That is the essence of paranoic conspriracy exactly-they take the remotely plausible and stretch and validate it. That is how they can connect everything and everyone anyone has heard of from the beginning of time to the present and actually the future!LOL

  2. The problem with that quote is it comes from George W. Bush. There is a line between finding out the truth and conspiracy theories. There are lots of good questions about things done or not done in the Bush administration that remain unanswered however -it is very convenient to Bush and his pals to relegate everything to conspiracy theories.

  3. There are even more chauvinistic passages in the Talmud than the ones you quoted and anyone can assemble a rogues gallery of Jewish bigots and banksters. I’m not the knee-jerk defender of Zionism that you suppose me to be, but neither do I have any patience with programmatic Jew-hatred. So no, I’m not going to “update” my views on the basis of your “new” information.

  4. Sure, there’s nothing hateful about the Protocols (your quote is not from the Protocols themselves but from the introduction to an on-line edition, I know). What’s hateful about a pseudo-document that purports to prove that a whole religion and culture is just a front for a plot to conquer the world?

    1. This may be disturbing – I know that. It may create cognitive dissonance. However, knowledge is power, and with the knowledge given, you have an incentive to make a stand against the deplorable situation described.

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