Roberts’ surprising decision

There’s been some talk of “conspiracy theory” in the press, but most of the stories (like this one in Toronto’s Globe & Mail) revolve around the question of whether Roberts caved to rhetorical pressure from Obama and The New York Times.

A susceptibility to suasion from the media and the president isn’t conspiracy; it’s a matter of politics and temperament. Classic conspiracy theory, in contrast, would argue that Jewish Masons or New Black Panthers or ACORN offered Roberts a lot of money, threatened his children, black-mailed him with compromising pictures, altered his mind with “epilepsy drugs” or maybe caused his epilepsy in the first place–or better still, chose a promising epileptic law student decades ago and groomed him for the Chief Justice position in expectation of precisely the circumstances that he found himself in last spring.

More than a year ago, Representative Louie Gohmert broached the idea that Obamacare would create a private army of health professionals that Obama could call up during a national catastrophe. Obama intervened in Libya, Gohmert said, so that he could “so deplete the military that we’re going to need that presidential reserve-officer-commissioned corps and noncommissioned corps that the president can call up on a moment’s notice involuntarily, according to the ‘ObamaCare’ bill.” Presumably Obama would use the conscripted doctors and nurses to round up conservatives and Christians and ship them off to FEMA camps, where they would be reeducated or liquidated. Now that’s a conspiracy theory.

Over at Alex Jones’s Info Wars site, the conspiracies are much broader-brush than someone holding a gun to Roberts head (or Roberts being a Manchurian candidate). Michelle Obama’s interest in obesity proves that the government has known all along that it will end up paying for healthcare; the government’s efforts to destigmatize mental illness are laying the groundwork for psychiatric gulags–a meme, probably started by L. Ron Hubbard, that has enjoyed currency on the far right since the 1950s.

Now that Obamacare has been upheld by the Supreme Court, the US Dept. of Health and Human Services will surge forward in its appointed task of assembling a list of all official diseases and mental disorders. American parents can look forward to the inclusion of more than 300 of these mental disorders, any of which can be diagnostically imposed on their children, all of which lead to drugging with toxic compounds.

Pharmaceutical profits will soar, government control over children will tighten, doctors will continue to write prescriptions in ever-increasing numbers, the FDA will turn a blind eye, and families will be left to pick up the pieces.

This is a new chapter in legal chemical warfare against the citizenry…..

In the march along this heinous road, the first step of which is Obamacare, the medical cartel will have free rein. It will become another government, with the full powers of government.

When freedom of choice about health is removed, when yes or no is a thing of the past, your children and grandchildren will live in a tight net. They will probably not remember you as the passive guardians who were derelict in your duty, because they will not have the time to remember. They will be too busy dealing with the Medical State and its legalized ubiquitous operations targeting them.

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2 thoughts on “Roberts’ surprising decision

  1. Surprise, Mr. G? It was no surprise to me; or those I’ve spoken to about Obamacare. Anyone with a brain knew all along that it would pass SCOTUS muster…. The ruling cabal have no intention of letting the Constitution, or a mass of ignorant, unbathed voters, upset their carefully laid plans. Plus, having four Jews on the Court didn’t hurt either. But hey… where’s the insistence on quotas there?

    And you really need to offer proof, or failing in that, evidence, about how those you paint as “conspiracy theorists”, “far right” wingers, etc. are wrong about things. Seems to me that their predictions usually turn out to be correct.

  2. “On the morning of Dec. 7, 1941, all of FDR’s, and his associate’s, scheming finally bore fruit when the Empire of Japan foolishly attacked the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor… the infamous “Sneak Attack”. Of course the real sneak was FDR – who plotted Pearl Harbor more thoroughly than Admiral Yamamoto….”

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