Paperback release, The New Hate

Looks almost exactly like the hardcover, except for the Advocate‘s blurb on the cover and the promise of an Afterword (which I just finalized). On sale September 4, for a comparatively reasonable $16.00.

The blurb reads: “Titillating, shocking, brilliant, and often hilarious…a mesmerizing tour through the landscape of nutbaggery in the US.” Titillating, even.

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5 thoughts on “Paperback release, The New Hate

  1. I’m not the slightest bit religious, but when anti-Semites quote Talmud at me I tend to get my back up, because they’re following a time-honored practice that dates back to the days of the Inquisition, when converted Dominicans like Pablo Cristiani purported to “reveal” damning secrets in Jewish texts. As I wrote in THE NEW HATE, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Dilling’s THE PLOT AGAINST CHRISTIANITY (first published in the 1930s and reprinted in 1964 as THE JEWISH RELIGION: ITS INFLUENCE TODAY) is one of a number of recent popular books that supposedly expose the malign secrets of Talmudism–passages about how it’s ok to cheat a gentile and the like.

    Anyway, the passage is not Baba Metzia 14:2 but 114 a & b; the subject is whether it is permissible to smear annointing oil on animals, objects, and gentiles, and the argument turns on the translation of the word “Adam.” It isn’t hard to find Jews who will deny the common humanity of gentiles (just look at what’s happening in Israel today), and there are any number of offensively ethno-centric passages in the Bible and Commentaries. On the surface, this passage seems to fit the bill, but as it turns out, it is very far from a slam dunk. There is an internal argument in the text itself (“why is one who smears on gentiles innocent? They are men!”); the consensus seems to be that “Adam” refers not to mankind in general here, but to mankind when it was one person, as the Jews corporately are to the Commenter.

  2. I’m relieved the blurb doesn’t say “toure de force,” I mean, yak. I love the word choice “nutbaggery” because, well, I have a sick and dirty mind and I know what it says via semantics.

    I love you citizenfitz! You made me suck a booger I was picking back between my tonsils and instigating a coughing bray.

    I just wanted you to know…Arthur isn’t really Jewish. He’s actually Welsh. The name “Goldwag” was actually spelled in middle-English “Guildhe Fvag.” It points to those that were wood-choppers or gatherers. Modern would be more like “Guild of Fags” or “Arthur of the Faggots Guild.” The Arthur gives it away, really. Only geeky Brits name their kids Arthur, and with a “ur” and not a “or.”

    I, on the other hand, am way Jewish. I put a $1.25 in a vending machine just today, on purpose, and bummed 25 cents from the next sap that came in the breakroom. You have to understand, “Arthurian Legend” pretends to be Jewish to sell his books. It is his ‘schtick.’

    I asked my dad a long time ago about the whole bible thing. He said,”מיעס דאַנגקיז שלאָגן דער דרעק אַוטאַ מיר!” He explained, “There got to be too many Jews. The fear after making Jerusalem so successful was that the wealth would just decentralize. With decentralized wealth was a dilution of power. So, a group of smart Rabbi made “the Jesus book” out of Babylonian and Greco-Roman hoodoo mixed with Phonetician, etc. They found a weirdo, Jesus, who was just like a bronze-age Brigham Young. He was supposed to lead a bunch of disgruntled 2nd sons away. Well, what happened was they realized he (Jesus) could “take-one-for-the-team” with the Romans. See, the ruling class was still Jewish and Jesus Freaks were recognizable “other Jews” that could be blamed for everything. It was really brilliant, actually. Angry poor people got slaughtered, and beggars were eliminated.

    Think of it as a “final solution” for leeches on social welfare. My Jewish ancestors didn’t even have to pay, Romans did it gleefully.

    You see, Christians have ALWAYS been illiterate and uneducated. It is like a prerequisite. So, yeah, Mormonism is just ye olde playbook. The other thing you have to understand IS THAT WE DON”T WANT MORE OF OURSELVES. Gentiles do a great job flipping burgers and changing oil.

    As for the “meetings” I used to go but I just don’t. They are boring. Only old farts go. They end in the same trickle-down economics lesson. Spend money to make more money. I just don’t care because I have so many people beneath me dude. I just sit around and read or go sailing and play videogames. I don’t care what Senator says to another because it is only a matter of how many handlers until they get to me.


  3. Facts aren’t “antisemitic”.

    Much as I might want to believe your exegesis, Mr. G, I’m forced to politely decline. There are several reasons for this: 1. You’re a leftist. 2. You’re a journalist. 3. You’re Jewish….

    Also – Gentiles are not human – therefore they are owed no debt of morality or decency – nor honesty [Baba Kamma 113a]


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