In Mala Fide goes away

It has come to my attention that In Mala Fide is going away. Its pseudonymous spokesperson Ferdinand Bardamu is going on to better things and will no longer have time to manage his creation. More to the point:

My problem is that In Mala Fide no longer reflects who I am. I’m no longer subject to the conditions that led me to start blogging to begin with. I’m not in the same state of mind, and I’m tired of keeping up the charade. I’m tired of logging in twice a week and punching up articles in a voice that is no longer mine. I’m tired of the negativity and the bleakness of it all. Writing under a pen name was once liberating and freeing — now it feels confining, a straitjacket asphyxiating me and preventing me from spreading my wings.

To put it simply, I no longer want to be “Ferdinand Bardamu.”

I wonder if he didn’t mean it when he called me “Snerdling,” which still smarts.

Anyway, I’m not doing a victory dance…. As Bardamu says, “Men die and websites fade into oblivion, but ideas live on.” Surely the “racist,” “misogynistic,” “homophobic” and “bigoted” ideas that filled his blog aren’t going to disappear when he does.

And speaking of racist…. Some of you might have noticed that I have a troll who uses this blog as a bulletin board for his anti-Semitic posts. I reserve the right to edit or delete the comments that people post, but for the most part, I don’t bother to do it. I seriously doubt that I have the power to bring anyone like my troll over to my way of thinking. By the same token, I don’t worry that he is harvesting many converts to his own way of thinking from among my readers. I actually think he does me a service in proving the thesis of THE NEW HATE–that there are still people who believe The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and that the far right is still striving to exercise whatever influence it can.

Even here.

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4 thoughts on “In Mala Fide goes away

  1. Are you the same Arthur Goldwag who did the smear job on so-called “MRAs” at the SPLC website?

    You are a lazy, lying s*n-of-a-b*tch! 😉

    But of course, you know that perfectly well.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

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