Herman Cain’s SOS trilogy

Herman Cain’s Sick of Stimulus web commercials are now a trilogy. He kills a goldfish in the first one, a bunny in the second, and a farmer in the third (above). All of them are narrated by a grim-visaged gothic child. As sunny as he appeared in the campaign–what with his bursting into song and cracking wise about 999–these commercials are all about rage.

I went to the Sick of Stimulus website to see what his program is, but all I saw were links to the commercials, a handful of comments, an opportunity to vote on ideas for future commercials from a menu that includes “sick of Debt”, “Obamacare,” “Spending,” “Big Government,” “Unemployment,” “Regulations,” “Rhetoric,” “Smears,” and “Gas Prices”–and of course a button to push to make donations.

Since we can’t vote for Cain, all we can do, I guess, is pay him to indulge our sense of indignation. But these ads are really creepy and not in a way that is campy or amusing. As profilers are wont to say on TV crime shows, “He appears to be devolving.”

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One thought on “Herman Cain’s SOS trilogy

  1. Got to agree on this one. But chickens can be pretty vicious. Especially to other chickens. There’s no “tolerance” and “diversity” among chickens.

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