What They’re Saying at Info Wars

I just spent a few minutes on the Infowars site, reading some of the articles and commentary about Trayvon Martin. Alex Jones’ personal theory appears to be that while the facts of the case are still up in the air, we appear to be witnessing a beta test for a manufactured race war so Obama can impose police power and establish a dictatorship (this is what he says to Webster Tarpley in this Prison Planet segment).

Some specimen samples of the comments from Jones’s readers and listeners:

1) The Florida police set Zimmerman up as a patsy, in the hope that the ensuing scandal would get the Stand Your Ground law revoked and restrictions on gun freedoms passed into law, thus increasing their power;

2) Obama arranged to have Martin killed so he could demagogue against white people and revive his presidency;

3) The Jews are “a pack of deranged lunatics hell bent on world domination through the power of their god Satan”;

4) “True patriot white Americans know that setting up negroes as our equals, since they clearly are inferior (just look at everywhere they live!) is foolishness. We need to put negroes back in their place though overturning civil rights, and denying them full rights as our founders intended”;

5) “There’s some decent, upstanding blacks, but far fewer these days as they slide deeper into the gutter – fostered by the gradual destruction of our morals and Christianity by Jewry. No doubt at all. Blacks also have built-in social pressures that reward degradation, helped along by greedy Jews in the media. Who do you think really owns the hip-hop music industry….”

There is much, much more, including some that makes a modicum of sense. Jones himself, I hasten to add, is plainly not driven by racial hatred or anti-Semitism–he is anti-government, not pro-White. I suspect he would concur with this comment from one of his saner readers: “Divided we fall. Thats the plan and it doesnt have to be like that. We are all unique and thats what makes us great, we still have a long way to go, for instance China is 10000 yrs old. Only time will tell but if we allow our power structure both white and black to segregate us we will never make it.”

Amen to that.

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14 thoughts on “What They’re Saying at Info Wars

  1. The impression I have of Jones after reading Ronson’s Them is that he actually has some kind of clinical paranoia.

    1. say whats with this Aurthur Gold wag guy He’s here camped out near Alex Jones site Does he like Jone’s pudgy bum or something

    2. do you go back 25 to 30 years for reader comments to blame on Ron Paul too for kooks who write in was Pauls fault alex to blame for his readers thoughts I can’t believe the arrogance of you articals and thoughts do yo know difference between real lies conspiracy theories and real truth i will show you in a simple sentence Media maggots tell real lies to promote conspiracy theories to cover up real truth under stand now

  2. One wonders how many Americans agree with the reader comments which you quoted, or, at a minimum, consider them worthy of serious consideration?

    Persons with conspiratorial mentalities often project their own worst personal qualities onto the outside world — probably without even recognizing their own internal demons.

  3. One would hope very few. It’s amazing how durable these conspiratorial/racist paradigms and memes turn out to be, however. One of the commenters even quotes from Israel Cohen’s RACIAL PROGRAM FOR THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, which is of course a Eustace Mullins fraud dating back to the 1950s.

  4. The real story is deliberately being ignored: “According to court records George Zimmerman is the son of retired Supreme Court Magistrate Judge Robert J. Zimmerman, his mother Gladys Zimmerman is a court clerk…He has three closed arrests. 7/18/05 for resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer (Div 10). Then on 8/9/05 for domestic violence (Div 44). And again on 8/10/05 for domestic violence (Div 46).”

    Would a grand jury even investigate this angle, and report its findings openly? Would it have the power to, for example, subpoena Zimmerman senior’s phone records on the night and days following?

    CNN reported briefly on Zimmerman’s family, and a few others news outlets online. Reuters mentioned it, and a few hours erased it totally. Who has the power to demand such suppression?

    1. good reporting and good thinking for yourself Obama wants to kill the gun law get guns away from the public the real answer is everyone that wants to carry should people think twice before walking up to people who may have a gun too watch out for a police state once you have no way to defend yourself no im not a crack pot its called for in the constitution right to bare arms

  5. Listen to this people are sovereign entities to which the constitution has assigned respect the respect given to us by god and accompanied by human rights denoting this respect When people from small groups to large governments take it upon themselves to serve us in some way they seem to want to place themselves in a position of authority to control the order and safety of that service. Upon failing to provide safety or order they should see the their errors and acknowledge them But I am incensed by the arrogance of the organizers and the media to use the embarrassment of the parents resulting from poor organizing as a narrative on the stupidly of humanity .How the Pulitzer Prize winning paper The Chicago Sun Times Decided to humiliate loving parents in this repulsive article with CNN carrying it nation wide to push and hype the humiliation of human dignity of parents and families by informing the world that Easter egg hunts were cancelled this year because of pushy parents This narrative of the humiliation of humanity is a means of propaganda used to teach the brain washed that humanity can not be trusted and we need to be communized by authoritarian governments whether democrats or republican The last step of the process of convincing us we are less than ordinary less than human This is being done by the media who are less than ordinary and have lost all their humanity When i see this hiped across the country by the media it makes me know that there is an agenda to ridicule humanity parenthood people and humanity you see it every were all the time and when you see the propaganda machine in action like this over a no news item of an incident that happened last year I makes me realize that the media never should have been given to the worlds elitists as a toy that turned news people into prostitutes pushing fecal pond scum off as news

  6. what is with this Trevor boy he defaced lookers he had jewelry and a flat head screwdriver in his back pack which was searched by school police who were watching him deface a locker on a security camera you know the cameras that were there to protect our kids.now used to prosecute them in this brave new Orwellian world .Take the rights of private property away from them in that mad search for marijuana that put 850,000 nonviolent users in jail some for life on the three strikes your out deal of which 3/4 of a million are blacks and Hispanic.I wonder though how a screwdriver became a burglary tool

    as a carpenter i have 25 screwdrivers in my van but they are carpentry tools because i am a carpenter and not black .perhaps a Jewish guy is a jewellery and not black as well Things work so well in this labeled society

    So it occurs to me that this boy Trever has a label on him and should not be carrying things that do not fit his label like screwdrivers which in his hands morph into burglar tools and jewelery morph into stolen goods A hoody on a rainy day becomes an “up to no goody wear”. and black kids who “stand their ground” do so “at their own peril ” that law is only to keep blacks in their place

    This boy it seem is dead because he had his privacy violated for a Marijuana residue search that lead to ten day off school that put him in harms way from a guy taught by propaganda to nip at the heals of strangers black and in a hoody This is part of the police state hatred of marinara that claims victims everywhere in this society Millions are dieing as a result of a schizophrenic Orwellian propaganda campaign against ” Gods gift to man ” marijuana YOU CAN EMPTY THE DRUG STORES THAT KILL MILLIONS WITH THE PAIN KILLER DRUGS PRESCRIPTION AND OVER THE COUNTER POISONOUS DRUGS THAT KILL MORE PEOPLE IN THE US THAN CAR ACCIDENTS ALMOST 38,000 per year PAIN AN STRESS RELIEF USING MARIJUANA PROVIDED BY DRUG STORES RATHER THAN PHARMACEUTICAL POISONS WOULD NOT COULD SAVE CONSERVATIVELY MORE THAN HALF these LIVES from Nixon’s war on drugs of 60 years would not be ONE MILLION PEOPLE DEAD TO PROTECT THE PROFITS IF BIG PHARMACY Oh by the way OVER DOSES AND DEATH FROM Marijuana ZERO

    THE Prohibition of this miracle drug touches us all in so many ways it is impossible to calculate the cost to society to patrol peoples consumption of any drug that may give someone a degree of happiness and relief of mental or physical pain We pay every ware from the property tax on our homes to maintain double the police force not for our protection But first the big pharmacy then the financiers BANKERS who loan the government valueless paper promises in return for guarantees of replacement from the credit of full value plus interest from the public Over and over again we find banks dealing in drugs by laundering money Arranging transport This makes bankers the biggest drug dealers on earth from Columbia coke afghan hereon and opium Brittan and the us destroyed china’s government in the opium wars check the boxer rebellion and the banks are now destroying Mexico and the USA using the Mexican drug wars This is POLITICAL INSANITY WE need the create our own money at no interest Stop the war on drugs the war on terrorists and the war on Islam IF WE CAN DO THIS WE WOULD ALL HAVE A DIFFERENT LIFE THAN WE SEE TODAY A LIFE FILLED WITH POSSIBILITIES NOT A POLICE STATE

  7. arther goldwag its political improper rather than political incorrect to call you out as a Zionist Every media lapdog attacks the real news that is not dictated by your propaganda masters You attack ridicule but never answer a single question that people ask about 9/11 Oklahoma Waco Texas you attack people The peoples crack pot Ron Paul wants to stop war wars for Israeli’s banker elite end the fed that wants to control everything while stealing everything End America’s slide into corporate communism,and get the financial house in order by ending big government you jump in and the narrative is to confuse ridicule and repeat repeat repeat the big lie You are so lucky that most of the people are on fluoride aspartame protozoic tobacco booze dances with the stars and wheel of fortune because you are not talking to anyone who is awake You are a Suicidal Zombi teaching these mind altered sleeping fellow Zombies how to eat their own body parts Do you think any real intellectual would ever be interested in anything you say

  8. I think my post will be gone soon i will check back to see if you can withstand real criticism and thoughtful observations Im not big on alex jones as he is not good with solutions but better on facts than you It not good enough to talk about tin hats a aliens any more because good people on the net have answers different than yours which is”GO AHEAD STUPID PUT YOUR HEAD IN THE LIONS MOUTH I DID IT AND ONLY HAVE A SLIGHT LOBOTOMY

  9. “You are so lucky that most of the people are on fluoride aspartame protozoic tobacco booze dances with the stars and wheel of fortune ”


  10. The Duke Lacrosse rape case… Tawana Brawley… The Jena Six… Trayvon Martin…. etc, etc, etc….

    No, the Muslim owned and dominated American mass media has never stooped to race baiting. It never will. And Arthur Goldwag does not project his own paranoiac, antigentilic fantasies on to others.

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