Kevin MacDonald weighs in on THE NEW HATE

Instead of presenting the ideas of intelligent, well-read Whites concerned about their displacement, Goldwag confines his discussion to White people who question where Obama was born….using this tactic, there is no need to deal with the very real costs of multiculturalism and the likely effects on Whites of becoming a minority.

I don’t think he saw the book, just the In These Times review, but Kevin MacDonald has weighed in on The New Hate in The Occidental Observer and he doesn’t think I’m doing the cause of White People any good.

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5 thoughts on “Kevin MacDonald weighs in on THE NEW HATE

  1. Some of the most xenophobic people on Earth (Zionists) label the most tolerant people on Earth (Whites) as xenophobes. Go figure.

  2. What a scathing retort. Your position must be very sound.

    Thank goodness for the internet. Every hypocrisy, and every argument based only in rhetorical fallacy, are now forever memorialized.

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