Hitler’s French Family

Among other bad things about Hitler, he was moody, self-involved, bombastic, paid scant attention to his French girlfriend, and abandoned her and their illegitimate son. Why didn’t I hear about this story when it broke?

Most interesting to me is the article’s contention that Loret’s children have a shot at collecting royalties for Mein Kampf. It didn’t seem likely to me (wouldn’t his estate have been seized after the war?) so I did a little digging and found a story on Slate from a few years ago about the profits from his paintings:

Hitler did produce a last will and testament leaving his inheritance to his three siblings. But the German state of Bavaria seized all of Hitler’s property after the Third Reich fell in 1945, and it currently owns the rights to his estate. Some historians have speculated that Hitler’s living family members—there are more than a dozen residing in Germany, Austria, and Long Island—could sue the state of Bavaria and claim royalties for the Führer’s literary and artistic work. But none has come forward to claim a cut from the auction. The odds of getting paid would be slim, and the potential fallout from trying to profit off the genocidal maniac’s work is enormous.

Not only that, the article goes on to say, Hitler sold international rights to Mein Kampf, which goes out of copyright in 2015.

Amazing what you can learn on the Internet!

Maybe a reality show can arrange a family reunion between the Furher’s legitimate and illegitimate heirs.

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One thought on “Hitler’s French Family

  1. It is very easy to find “bad stuff” about Hitler on the internet. Finding “truth” is rather more problematic. The problem with truth is it sounds “terrible” because it seems to “attack” the very same good guys who only wanted a perfict world – a world without Hitler.

    For instance if we take the Holocaust. This is a popular good guys “attack”. But when nasty, evil “truth” rears its head, well things become neurotic. For instance, was the Holocaust a spineless and murderous genocide of German Slavs by fire (holocaust means to “engulf in fire”)? It is interesting as if you scour your truth giving internet you might find Nikolai Levashov who kindly explains the Vedas. This links the Aryans (those “enlightened” people madman Hitler mentions) to the European Slavs. Nikolai also explains how some Aryans had been expelled from great Russia for being “foul”. These he calls “derelicts”. The derelicts were meant to have experimented with genetics and over a 700 year span came up with the Israelites ancestors – out of India, of all places. But the peace-loving Israelite wouldn’t be capable of avenging their derelict forefathers, now, would they?

    Alternatively, was the holocaust nothing to do with fire? Instead was it mad Hitler’s dastardly, wildly inefficient and desperately unsafe gas chambers? Although no one has quite explained how they processed all those bodies in the short space of time, but hey, as we all know Israel was established on the basis of the holocaust. And, quite frankly, that’s good enough for me. Who needs truth, accountability and honour anyway? Eisenhower was getting old and he must have been “confused” into thinking some of the things he said were true. Oh my and that was BEFORE he was the President of the United States of America. Mind you, if you look at the Statue of Liberty, well it must be the Promised Land and nothing to do the damned Union of Jacob even if Ronny Reagan…oh well, he was another fruit loop just like “Russia isn’t communist” Gerald Ford.

    I think someone needs to come out and ban the truth….gosh damned it!

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