Salon interview

Nice long interview up at Salon. Wish in retrospect that I hadn’t talked about Ron Paul so much, because, frankly, he bedevils me. So many of the things that come out of his mouth are manifestly appealing and sensible–but so many of his darker associations are genuinely frightening. Not all haters are poor either, though class anxiety is a huge driver of the worst of it. It was a long conversation, though, and when you write a provocative book that’s the best you can wish for–to spark long conversations, not just between yourself and an interviewer, but between thoughtful people out in the world at large.

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2 thoughts on “Salon interview

  1. Excellent interview and you made very perceptive comments about The New Hate.

    Many people are totally clueless about the “intellectual” history of the arguments which are in our contemporary political discourse.

    Often, I read some material in my collection from the 1940’s and 1950’s and 1960’s — and it seems like I am in a time-warp because the identical narratives were presented 50+ years ago by the conspiratorial right.

    We are always just one election away from our doom. We are always about to have our freedoms and our Constitution eviscerated by a cabal of sinister people who represent “a hidden hand” or a “secret government” — and, of course, Jews are always protagonists in whatever narrative is created.

    Time is always “short”. Our people are always easily manipulated or brain-dead about what is “really going on”. Our institutions are always failing us. Our government is always conspiring against “patriotic Americans”.

    Some people PREFER to believe the worst possible explanations of any event or problem. Apparently, it gives them some sense that they have a special knowledge, a unique insight, and a remarkable ability to connect dots and see relationships which escape 99.8% of the rest of humanity.

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