New Hatewatch Post

Pam Geller really jumped the shark yesterday.

Click here for my newest SPLC Hatewatch post.

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4 thoughts on “New Hatewatch Post

  1. I’m leaving this comment before reading your SPLC post…

    Just clicked the Geller link. I’m familiar with Geller, have followed her blog on/off for years, am aware of how deranged and hateful she is, know that she has a soft spot for crypto and proto fascists, that she has defended war criminals responsible for orchestrating the massacre in Sbrenica; but still I am shocked – just so sickened and shocked – that she can’t understand, can’t fathom, what is wrong with what those marines did.

    I just got done listening to Talk of the Nation where former military were calling in and expressing how furious they were with those marines, with the guest being former military and expressing no sympathy for the marines’ actions and what not.

    And, again, its not so much Geller herself that bothers me. It’s how someone filled with so much hysterical, insane hate gets elevated to a national platform, can have former UN Ambassador John Bolton write an introduction to her book of Obama hate.


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