It’s here…..

And it will be on sale February 7.

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3 thoughts on “It’s here…..

  1. Whoa, you can’t just post a picture of books on a desktop and not explain to book-addicts what those other books in the background are! I can make out Before the Storm – and what looks like Sagan’s Demon Haunted World – but none of the other ones.

    Seriously, though, the new book looks good. I can honestly say, particularly where I live*, that it is a book I will be extremely happy to see on the bookshelves.


    1. You are so funny! I thought of you when I took the picture, and even imagined you clicking on the spines, trying to read them. Jane Kramer’s LONE PATRIOT is also on the shelf, as is Alan Sokal’s FASHIONABLE NONSENSE and Mackey’s HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY (a relic from CULTS). It’s a pretty arbitrary selection–we moved last February and there are still boxes and boxes of unpacked books downstairs.

      I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that your local B&N reserves a little shelf space for HATE, at least for a few weeks. My in-laws live in Pennsylvania, and when I go to their B&N, I see stacks upon stacks of Mike Huckabee, Chuck Norris, and Ted Nugent books. One day I stood in an aisle and read most of Ted Nugent’s latest. It was a very humbling experience.

  2. “It’s a pretty arbitrary selection–we moved last February and there are still boxes and boxes of unpacked books downstairs.”

    I know how that goes. As I type this I have on the floor behind piles and piles of books, a combination of ordered discount books and I opened to check the quality then put back in the packaging and books that I stacked up in garbage bags to protect during renovation. My closets are further filled with such stacks. I also have a box of books that I have not unpackaged from when I moved over five years ago.

    Regarding the book, I think it will do fine here (Will Bunch’s similarly themed The Backlash found shelf space.) Heck, the local library system already has a copy on order, too, and will have it up on the New Books shelf for awhile.

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