What Do Jerry Sandusky and Herman Cain have in Common?

Am I the only person who noticed that both Jerry Sandusky and Herman Cain share a self-confessed penchant for giving money away to troubled people who later lie about them?

“Mr. Sandusky said he regularly gave money to the disadvantaged boys at his charity, opened bank accounts for them, and gave them gifts that had been donated to the charity….’They’ve taken everything that I ever did for any young person and twisted it to say that my motives were sexual or whatever,’ Mr. Sandusky said. He added: ‘I had kid after kid after kid who might say I was a father figure. And they just twisted that all.'” (The New York Times).

“Herman Cain acknowledged Thursday that he repeatedly gave Ginger White money to help her with ‘month-to-month bills and expenses’ without telling his wife of more than 40 years….’She wasn’t the only friend who I had helped in these tough economic times, and so her messages to me were relating to ‘needed money for her rent’ or whatever the case may be. I don’t remember all the specifics….I’m a soft-hearted person when it comes to that stuff. I have helped members of my church. I have helped members of my family.'” (Manchester Union Leader)

And there are people out there who still believe anything this man has to say–and that he isn’t a serial harasser?

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2 thoughts on “What Do Jerry Sandusky and Herman Cain have in Common?

  1. Well, to be fair, the fact that he seems to have had a kept woman does not imply that he harassed her into being kept. For all we know it could have been an entirely voluntary arrangement in which she took the initiative.

    1. My point wasn’t that he “harrassed” her into being kept; it’s that he’s so clueless about how he comes across. The fact that he thinks he can run a line like this on his wife, his family, and the American public, suggests that he might not be the best judge of how well his “humor” and “flirtation” go over with his female underlings either. Nevermind the five figure settlements.

      I was fascinated to read that Ginger White was also involved in a sexual harrassment lawsuit, though not against Cane.

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