Vatican Assassins Exposes SPLC, Goldwag

My Vatican Assassins post at the SPLC’s Hatewatch has inspired an impassioned and lengthy rejoinder from Eric Jon Phelps. Phelps, I wrote, “manages to touch on virtually every crazy theory in right-wing New World Order conspiracism, white separatism, birtherism, and 9/11 denial, while at the same time hearkening back to the Anti-Masons and the Anti-Papist Know Nothings of the nineteenth century and much earlier.” Phelps’s response is to accuse me and the SPLC of being tools of the Jesuits and the Masons. Oh yes, and of promoting racism and genocide:

The wicked Southern Poverty Law Center is funded by the Vatican—according to my source in Italy. It is one of the pope’s tools in continuing to fester the pro-Black/anti-White agenda here in Rome’s Fourteenth Amendment American Empire. And why? By continuing to keep the “White racism” canard active and disconcerting among Blacks the goal is achieved of inciting them to Black-on-White crime (“Whitey deserves it!”) further driving all Whites in general to desperation and finally into New Right Jesuit Fascism-–the very endgame which the SPLC claims to oppose!

That’s right! Papal Slave Morris Dees and his Papal Court Jew Arthur Goldwag are indirectly creating New Right Jesuit Fascism. Like the Jesuit Papacy, the multi-million-dollar SPLC has an open-but-false policy—to stop White hateful racism against Blacks. But its secret-but-true policy is to drive all Whites into New Right Jesuit Facism—and Dees is succeeding! Never can Whites ever be united around a common race, common White language, common White Protestant/Baptist history, a common country and a common political concern not to be mass-murdered by the Jesuit Papacy. No, Whites must be kept disunited, ashamed of their White Protestant and Baptist history—which history proves their benevolence to the Jews, by the way—then finally driven into the pope’s American Inquisition led by the Order’s Department of “Romeland” Security to attempt the “extirpation” of all six million North American Jews.

Phelps also makes the valid point that I confused two different nineteenth century Know Nothing books that both bear the title The Black Pope, a mistake I genuinely regret. I firmly believe that all authors–even racists and haters who give their books the same titles–deserve the courtesy of a proper citation. Itanimulli


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