Is Cain Able?

I’ve been reading comments on right wing websites like NRO, Red State, and Instapundit to see what Cain’s constituency is thinking. As far as I can tell, Bill Clinton set the benchmark for presidential (mis)behavior. So long as Cain isn’t proven to have done anything worse than what Clinton was accused of, liberals have no right to complain and a lot of conservatives, for their part, seem to feel that they have nothing to complain about either. Many of them seem downright smug to have a philanderer and harasser of their own. Unless they think he’s innocent, of course, in which case they see him as a victim of the pitiless left-wing hate machine, like Sarah Palin, Clarence Thomas, and themselves.

A lot of professional right wing talkers–Rush Limbaugh in particular, with his Buy-a-Lick quip–seem as though they’re trying to prove that they’re more misogynist than racist, which I suppose many of them are. The only paid pundit I’ve encountered who harps on Cain’s accusers’ blondness is the left’s Touré, who on MSNBC the other night said, “We’re going to see how open the GOP is to this black — their ‘new black friend’ when they find out he is harassing blonde women as opposed to black women. That sort of thing of black sexuality — predatory black sexuality. Very frightening in this country, still. Very threatening. So we’ll see how that plays out.” Glenn Beck’s The Blaze played this up and most of the commenters were appalled: “This is a true lynching by the left !!!!!” said one. “How can Leftist Liars STAND themselves?” asked another. “ALL LIBERALS ARE CLOSET RACISTS, and mostly idiots,” another shouts. “REMEMBER IT IS THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE THAT HAS BEEN SHOWN TO BE A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT FOR WOMEN.”

When Matt Lewis at The Caller asked if it mattered whether Cain’s accusers were black or white most commenters took the high road. “As I see it,” one pointed out, “It really doesn’t matter what ethnicity or skin color the accusers are. What does matter is who brought this out, and why.” One bad apple did slip in, unfortunately: “There isn’t one white women who hasn’t been harrassed by black men,” someone who calls himself Rockhard remarked. “I hear it all the time from white girls about some black guy always hitting on them.” Rockhard notwithstanding, I was starting to think that liberals were the only racists left when I checked David Duke PhD’s website:

How easily conservatives have manipulated by the Zionist media that has lionized Cain as a great and inspiring man of impeccable character. I think the exposure of his sexual harassment and the exposure of his bald-faced lies yesterday will end his candidacy and the attempt of the Zionists to make Herman Cain the republican version of Obama. Conservatives don’t even know that Cain as head of Republican group appealing to Black voters, attacked me (David Duke) and used the anti-White racial epithet (cracker) in ads meant to cater to Black anti-White prejudices and get them to vote Republican. The media hasn’t informed them about Cain himself is a recipient of racially-discriminatory racial discrimination against Whites and that how he spoken glowingly about the need for affirmative action. He cloaks it by saying though that he is opposed to quotas. Quotas or requiring a specific percentage of minorites is a tiny percentage of the anti-racial discrimination of affirmative action, most of doesn’t rely on quotas, just flat out racial discriminatory policies against better-qualified Whites.

The most interesting thing I ran into, over at NRO, was a link, posted by an anti-Cain Republican, to a Jennifer Rubin (hardly a liberal Democrat) column about an Enron-like scandal involving Cain.

Cain sat on the board of Aquila, a company that started out as a family-run energy company. As an ABC news report mentioned in passing: “The Kansas City-based company and Cain faced allegations that employee retirement funds were heavily invested in company stock when the company was changing to investments to ‘high risk enterprises.’ The complaint states, ‘… the risk profile of the Aquila Fund drastically transformed from a conservative utility investment to a high risk growth stock.’ The company settled the suit for $10.5 million.”

In the unlikely event that Cain weathers the scandals and wins his party’s nomination, voters in a general election are going to realize that his marquee 999 plan cuts taxes for the rich and raises them for everyone else–while enacting a regressive federal sales tax. And if they don’t remember, Obama will remind them that Cain chided the unemployed, “Don’t blame Wall Street. Don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job, and you’re not rich, blame yourself.”



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