plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

From Ernie Lazar’s Documentary History of the John Birch Society:

06/25/62 = Former JBS National Council member, Dr. Granville Knight, sends Robert Welch a letter which will give readers an understanding of the underlying mindset by which Birchers interpreted the world in 1962 — which is remarkably similar in tone and substance to political discourse in year 2011:

“I cannot help but wonder at times as to how effective any person or organization can be without efforts to expose the roots of the conspiracy. You have certainly been vindicated as far as stressing internal subversion is concerned by what has happened in the past year.

We obviously have a Fabian Socialist in the White House and he is surrounded by his cohorts…It is quite possible that the international bankers are playing a part in the recent stock market debacle…It seems to me tht we have to deal with Fabian Socialists, the Communists, the international bankers, the illuminati and cooperatives. There seems to be a struggle between these groups for world domination and whether or not they are guided by a small group using all the rest is conjectural. As long as we are at the mercy of the Federal Reserve System and those who control it, together with the slavery of the graduated income tax, there seems to be little hope of making real progress.”



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