New blurb for The New Hate

“Goldwag provides a lucid and detailed account of the irrational and bigoted right-wing populists and their conspiracy theories of power in the United States. These conspiracists are like intellectual vampires sucking the blood out of the body politic and leaving behind a weakened democracy in a fading twilight for civil society. Goldwag illuminates the conspiracists to reverse their trajectory of increasing influence, which is a periodic problem for our nation.”

–Chip Berlet, co-author Right-Wing Populism in America


7 thoughts on “New blurb for The New Hate

  1. For those with a sense of humor, it should be noted that the extreme right in our country has always rejected the idea that our founding fathers or our Constitution intended to create “a democracy” — so, from that perspective, any “intellectual vampire” who leaves behind a “weakened democracy” is not something to be bemoaned but applauded!

  2. I’ve enjoyed and valued your book Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies. I was wondering if you’ve had much contact with the conspiracy theories from the old Communist Block. Since working in the digital activist world helping with getting info out from countries experiencing censorship during the Arab Spring, I have found an avalanche of fear, loathing, and conspiracy theories, especially from Gaddafi supporters. I was wondering if this deluge had reached your world yet or not.

    1. I don’t have any special connections in the Middle East or the old USSR. If you would care to share some of these theories here I would be very interested in hearing them.

      1. You can start with blaming Zionism for _everything_, and I’ve seen David Icke’s books fitting in comfortably with some people’s book recommendations. I’ve had an Egyptian guy recommend a video on YouTube of an imam in a mosque recommended to me on the same subject. Gaddafi’s influence extends to Serbia where he handed out a lot of money during a particular crisis 20 or so years ago. It bought him a lot of loyalty if the zealousness of Serbian trolls is anything to go by.

        What I suspect is that in Syria, where the regime was unsuccessful in stamping out religion, the conspiracy theories were related through the teachings in the mosques. Syria blames Israel for everything it does and has been talking about war with Israel for decades to justify all the money spent on weapons. Now with the 5 months of continuous carnage inflicted upon the protesters, some protesters are saying that the tanks and other weapons were never intended for “security” or war with Israel, but for keeping the population in line.

      2. As for the theories themselves I’m not too sure what they are because I have been so busy doing other things. However I run across references to them in the countries that the old USSR and new Russia do arms deals and had/have alliances. There is the official story and the alternative story both of which have a Jew-blaming and Capitalist-blaming agenda. In the YouTube video’s description (I didn’t have time to watch it) there was a narrative similar to the Christian idea of the state of Israel being establised to bring about the end of the world only in this case it was the end of the Arab race. I wish I still had the url for the video now!

      3. I do have this recent video which shows the scale of conspiracy theories being broadcast as news on Syrian television right now. They’re saying that Al Jazeera are actually creating sets of Tripoli and even of Syrian neighbourhoods to manufacture news for the rest of the world and to justify invasion by NATO forces.

        I noticed allegations against Al Jazeera were made by RussiaToday right from early on in the uprising in Libya, although they were not on this grand scale.

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