Why they pulled the HAARP trigger in Virginia

HAARP, Hurricane Irene and the DC Earthquake …Connected?, reads the headline over at Prison Planet. Is the Pope Catholic? You can learn all the technical stuff there–they quote scientists and everything. But what they don’t do is connect the dots and explain the “why,” which is what I’m going to do here.

Yes, it’s obvious that the earthquake was HAARP-generated and this “Hurricane” Irene thing is frankly laughable. I mean, who ever heard of a hurricane in late August? I was at my desk writing when my house began to shake; I wondered for a second if their target wasn’t me….But yesterday morning, when I read that the Washington Monument had been closed due to “cracks,” it all became frighteningly clear.

If you read conservative publications like The National Review, you’ve probably heard of the “Washington Monument strategy”, “the bureaucratic practice of threatening to close down the most popular and vital programs in response to prospective budget cuts; it gets its name from the U.S. Department of the Interior, which always threatens it will have to close the Washington Monument if its budget is cut.” This article at Patriot Update, posted on August 24, the day after the “earthquake,” laid it out pretty clearly:

In a column last month, Debt ceiling: Obama’s Demagoguery vs Economic Reality, I pointed out some of Obama’s dirty tricks. These included scaring seniors by threatening to withhold Social Security, and holding military pay hostage. We can see now that this is the Washington Monument Strategy operating. There is no fiscal reason to prefer these cuts rather than obvious ones like Planned Parenthood, high speed rail, wind energy boondoggles, the ethanol scam, the anti-American kakistocracy (government by the worst people) known as the United Nations, foreign aid to countries that hate us, and of course Obamacare….Know thine enemy! When we are aware of enemy tactics, we will be ready to counter them. When Obama tries the Washington Monument strategy, explain it for what it is: holding people hostage to bully opponents into giving in. Also, realize that the only real cure is taking as much out of the hands of politicians and bureaucrats as possible. And resist siren songs of still more bureaucracies to solve problems!

That explains the earthquake. Obama hates the Washington Monument; he’d stop at nothing to see it closed. But what about the hurricane? Simple. George Soros and Obama poisoned Steve Jobs to force his premature resignation; that way they could make a fortune shorting Apple stock. They pointed Irene at Wall Street to scare any would-be whistle blowers into silence.

Any questions?


One thought on “Why they pulled the HAARP trigger in Virginia

  1. Prison Planet. Only a clown would have a name that could be shortened to PeePee. Yes, I’ve been drinking after being in the sun

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