Writers and the Winner-Take-All Economy

A possible subtitle might be “Why Do I Bother Getting Out of Bed in the Morning?”

I just read this item about Forbes’ newly-released list of our top-earningest authors, and I can’t say that it didn’t depress me. I clicked through to the Forbes article and was made even crankier when I saw that they didn’t supply an actual list, just a slide show. No wonder no one buys books anymore! Anyway, here’s who my competition is.

Author/2010 Earnings (in millions)

James Patterson $84
Danielle Steele $35
Stephen King $28
Janet Evanovich $22
Stephanie Meyer $21
Rick Riordan $21
Dean Koontz $19
John Grisham $18
Jeff Kinney $17
Nicholas Sparks $16
Ken Follett $14
Suzanne Collins $10
J.K. Rowling $ 5


5 thoughts on “Writers and the Winner-Take-All Economy

  1. I thought Grisham was a pen for Chrichton? Dead now. Meyer was pumped by LDS. Probably the only approved, non-religious story they let the kids read. Rowling should be a glimmer of hope for you, she was an underdog. Koontz does movies and videogames are a success. I know preys on paranoia, shoot’em up stuff. Nazis of Duke Nuke’em replaced by Muslims extremists. Germans everywhere are probably glad to not have a game where granddad isn’t having his throat slit and grenaded, etc. King does movies and he is the king of horror. Nobody cares if a lot of his recent books sorta suck because he’s stuck in NE during the 60’s and 70’s. Got that new show “Haven” based upon Colorado Kid. I’m saddened with the patterson steele romance. But then again, female dominant jobs were not crushed. It is becoming an issue that women can’t find employed “good men”, and they read more…so…Maybe you should use all the data you have and bust out a fiction? Tear jerking forbidden love peppered on a battlefield, some unfolding conspiracy…I don’t know

  2. Oh, I have it! That 1950-1960 image of Israeli woman toting a machine gun! Dude! She was a patriot to her cause (Morgan Freeman voice-over), her father a leading politician in the Zionist movement. He was an American student, 2nd gen Palestinian that grew up in LA. Visiting his extended in-laws he accidentally learns vital information on Egypt’s impending attack. She is part of a team that interrogates him, secretly, so Americans don’t find out. They fall in love…Her family won’t release him, his relatives plan to spring him, time is running out…Dramatic enough? You can even have the token Catholic Bishop trying to negotiate!

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