Another blurb for The New Hate

“Arthur Goldwag confronts conspiracist fantasies and fringe paranoia with reason and humanity — not to mention the briskness and drama of great historical storytelling. His dissection of how the political fringe has edged into mainstream culture deserves the attention and admiration of everyone who is concerned about the coarsening of our politics.” — Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America


2 thoughts on “Another blurb for The New Hate

  1. “Arthur Goldwag runs right through the door of the cabin in the woods, kicks the typewriter out from under the conspiracist’s fingers, “Whose-yer-daddy!” slaps him to the floor, and swigs his firewater before smashing the bottle of bootleg over his head.” – Jesse Powell, author of “Return To Westworld”; a teen vampire/android romance novel involving enslaved werewolves. (Still in the query stage, look for it in 2086!)

  2. Arthur, my cartoon is premiering on 9/3 in Dallas. It’s called “Don’t Tell My Wife I’m a Cult Leader. I really enjoyed your book on cults and I hope you can make it to see the pilot 🙂

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