How Conspiracy Theories Begin, Part Three

London Police Reveals Deep Murdoch Empire Links


Published: July 19, 2011 at 9:20 AM ET

LONDON (AP) — London’s departing police chief revealed Tuesday that 10 of the 45 press officers in his department used to work for News International, but he denied there are any improper links between the force and Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.

2 thoughts on “How Conspiracy Theories Begin, Part Three

  1. Indeed. There’s plenty of evidence of a real conspiracy here — an emergent collusion of politicians, business people and journalists to support their collective interests. It won’t be satisfying to the sort of folks we think of as conspiracy *theorists*, but it will form the nucleus of some far less plausible theories that they those people will likely take off with.

    I wonder: what’s the difference? What makes the real conspiracies unsatisfying, but the invented ones so attractive? Is it the case that more or less in-the-open conspiracies are just boring, and unprovable ones are somehow more exciting because of their inherent unprovability?

  2. G’Day! Arthurgoldwag,
    Along the same lines,, There are many people who like to get into conspiracy theories about the end times. Such as the New World Order conspiracy theory, that there’s going to be one big world government headed by the antiChrist.

    What are your opinions about such conspiracy theories? I personally don’t care for them. Our Lord warned His apostles, and thus we ourselves, that we shouldn’t get into such speculation.

    I know what the ending is going to be like. God is going to win in the end. I’m only going to worry about myself and the salvation of my one and only soul.
    All the Best

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