Sweet Vindication?

DSK and wife leave courthouse

Adam Gopnik propposed a thought experiment in his The New Yorker blog, in which Sarah Palin is arrested for shoplifting in Paris, paraded in shackles in front of cameras, widely ridiculed in the media, and then abruptly set free, which seems to foretoken DSK’s political resurrection.

“Of course, that his accuser would turn out to have feet of clay, or a dubious tongue, does not prove that what she said in this instance is false,” he notes judiciously. “It shows only and merely that prosecutors recognize that she would have no credibility in a case that absolutely requires her having some. Nor does it make Strauss-Kahn’s behavior, which certainly seems to have involved a sordid act in a strange setting, suddenly admirable.”

But do yesterday’s revelations make it any more probable that he is/was the victim of a conspiracy? Personally, I think not. But I will await further developments before I put myself on the record. Who knows that she wasn’t paid–or otherwise persuaded–to collect incriminating DNA from the old goat? Clearly, she is not exactly an innocent. On the other hand, it could just as easily be Strauss-Khan’s perverse good fortune to have raped a serial prevaricator with unsavory associations. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. At any rate, I can’t but suspect that the celebration in the Strauss-Kahn household has been somewhat muted, to say the very least.

If anyone is interested, Love/Lust and Secret Societies is set to air Tuesday July 5th at 10pm on The Sundance Channel (check local listings). I will be one of the talking heads.


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