“Buried at sea”

I’m baffled; I really am. Having done something so right, how could they do something so wrong? There is a reason that the heads of vanquished enemies of state used to be displayed on pikes. I’m not saying that I would have liked to see Osama Bin Laden’s body desecrated; the very idea is repugnant to me. But to “disappear” it so precipitously, with pious talk of “in accordance with Islamic practice” yet…. The mind boggles.

I come at this from the angle of Conspiracy Theories–not as their proponent, Lord knows, but as someone who has some knowledge about the ways that they are propagated. And a missing body, well, that’s not just fundamental, it’s downright archetypal. If people don’t believe that Tupac Shakur is really dead, or Michael Jackson, or even Elvis Presley, whose autopsy photos were published, then why will they believe that Osama Bin Laden is?

The first thought I had when the news broke last night was “Now all we’ll be hearing about is the death certificate.” Little did I know. Unless this is some kind of disinformation ploy, America’s enemies will build a useful mystery out of bin Laden’s unmarked grave; so will Obama’s political adversaries. They already are. “Obama is such a muslim,” a poster named “Joe” remarked, under the ABC News story about the sea burial. “Osama bin Ladin should be flown to the US, and kept in a freezer.”

Or check out this mini-essay, over at Godlike Productions:


There’s a REASON the phrase “habeas corpus” is so well known: because anyone can claim anything, but the people deserve PROOF.

Anyone seen the body?

Anyone seen any photos of the body? Any NON-photoshopped pics?

They buried him at sea immediately after killing him? Really? Seriously?

After they made such a elaborate, extravagant international media circus show of publicly hanging Saddam, now they have a complete media black out on Bin Laden’s death images?

This stinks to high heaven. It reminds me of how they immediately rushed in and cleaned up the 9/11 scenes and hauled away all the evidence before it could be examined.

Same Modus operandi here.

According to Stratfor this gives us an excuse to declare victory and get the hell out of Afghanistan, where we could never win. But that’s not how this will be used.

This announcement of Bin Laden’s death is a lie, but more importantly, it is a carefully crafted lie, one they put alot of planning and work into. The result of this lie is that Obama will walk away with substantially increased political clout, which of course was the purpose of the lie.

That clout was needed to execute some other plan of theirs, or they wouldn’t have gone thru all the trouble to craft this lie. The lie is not merely to give Americans warm and fuzzy feelings. It is to open doors to allow Obama to do something else, something he couldn’t have accomplished without that increased political clout.

Obama is about to take us into a new war.


4 thoughts on ““Buried at sea”

  1. Clearly, this conspiracy theory has finally unhinged your wild mind. The US government would never lie about such a thing. In fact, no government anywhere has ever lied about anything. Artie, you of all people should know this.

  2. The bottom line here is that the world Muslim community is more important than the U.S. conspiracy theory community. The burial at sea satisfies Muslim practice while denying Al Qaeda supporters a public funeral or burial place they can deify. That fringe groups in the U.S. will tear their hair out because they didn’t get a body to parade around is a minor problem in comparison to the opinion of a billion Muslims.

    1. I agree that the world Muslim community is more important than any fringe conspiracy group in the US, absolutely. But conspiracy theory is more rife in the Muslim world than in the US, and I doubt that many Muslims will believe that Islamic practice was “satisfied.” Shiism (and I am well aware that bin Laden was a Sunni) iis filled with stories about Imans who went into “occultation”; radical Islamists who considered bin Laden their leader (and there are far fewer of them than there were a decade ago, I imagine) will exalt him as a martyr with or without his relics. But why pour oil on the flames? ….

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