The long form

The president is due to take questions from the press in about fifteen minutes. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the conspiracy stories are only going to get hotter.

PS A little over an hour after the president finished talking, here are a few comments from an “Above Top Secret” forum:

Even I can tell that is a forge job look at his name up close see the whiting under his name look down at the lower text it is not the same this is a forged document and I cannot wait for a real forensics expert to come out and tear that piece of phony crap apart.

I call fraud right here

It is FAKE… He was NOT born Barack Hussein Obama, he claims this in his own book my friend. He was born Barry Soreto… THIS JUST GOT BIG!

Barry Soetoro

You all are clueless, first of all it matters not where he was born the rules and regulations for eligibility for the office of president of the US, clearly states that both parents must be US Citizens period, his father clearly on the long form shows is 25 years old and is from Kenya, his father was not a natural citizen born on US soil, there for making the current President Obama, holding office illegally.

The media is blinding you all with this whole so called birther thing, the rules of office are clear, this is what they do not want the general public to know about period. It’s called a duel alliance, father of one country mother of another, so the commitment of the child is compromised, end of story.

My next prediction: the argument will shift–as it already has for smarter birthers than Donald Trump–from questions about the Birth certificate itself to the definition of a Natural Born Citizen. Since this phrase has been defined in different ways at different times, there’s a lot of room for argument. Most of these Nativists will make an exception to their distrust of foreign judges and foreign laws and go with the Swiss-born Emmerich Vatel’s definition in the Law of Nations (1758): “The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.” Keep in mind that Chester Arthur’s father was British, Woodrow Wilson’s mother was English, and Herbert Hoover’s mother was Canadian.

But none of those previous presidents were black.


One thought on “The long form

  1. Obama ran a brilliant campaign in 2008. But he is a terrible politician.

    The most recent excuse which his spokespersons have come up with for him not making an FOIA request to have his original long-form birth certificate released is that Obama critics keep changing the goal posts. In other words, even if that document were publicly available, the birther crowd would find something else to dispute or raise suspicions about.

    And that is partially correct.

    However, it is likely that a substantial portion of the high percentage of Americans who currently have doubts/suspicions about this matter would probably NOT be willing to continue down Conspiracy Lane once the long-form was released.

    Conspiracy theories get traction because they usually contain kernels of truth which makes them seem plausible. It is almost always impossible to refute a conspiracy theory to the satisfaction of all its adherents BUT (and this is the point which Obama’s handlers are clueless about) — the more absurd or malicious which “birthers” can be made to appear — it redounds to the benefit of Obama.

    Consequently, providing the long-form birth certificate would undermine the arguments made by that segment of “birthers” who merely are parroting what they see online from ill-informed people or from demagogues like Donald Trump. Once you peel off that group (who would not want to take the “birther” claims further — after the long-form is released) — then all that is left are the real crazies — which is predominantly composed of bigots. Most Americans instinctively recoil from such people — no matter how clever their polemical arguments become.

    That is why Obama should obtain and release his long-form — in order to reduce the “birthers” to their lowest-common-denominator — which most Americans would have no trouble recognizing for the bigots they are. The current problem is that prominent Americans (like Trump) are lending credence to the suspicions about Obama’s birth. THAT is what Obama should seek to undermine.

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