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I am currently working on the second edition of my report on the late Eustace Mullins.

I will be discussing, at length, various assertions made by, and articles written by, Mullins.

For example: I will devote considerable attention to the various hoaxes which Mullins authored including:

* the “Rabbi Rabinovich” speech
* the “Lizzie Stover College Fund”
* the “Israel Cohen” hoax
* the alleged Birch Society/Rockefeller “connection”

In addition, I will devote a major portion of my Report to a discussion of Mullins’ autobiographical book, “A Writ For Martyrs” — because a factual analysis of that book so clearly illustrates how political extremists manipulate data to preclude any adverse judgments about their own lives.

Significantly, Mullins altered FBI documents which he reproduced in his book. He excised portions which referred to his homosexuality, his anti-semitism, and his connections to neo-nazis and racial extremists.

In his book, Mullins portrays himself (and his friend Max Nelsen) as completely innocent average Americans who were viciously hounded, harassed, and persecuted by an out-of-control “police-state” security organization accountable to no one (i.e. the FBI).

Here are some relevant facts Mullins omits from his book:

(1) Mullins received training in explosives and bomb-making (!!!) at the farm of William Wernecke in Huntley IL. The FBI learned about this from interviewing Wernecke’s wife.

(2) Max Nelsen had advocated bombing synagogues in Illinois and he expressed approval of the October 1958 bombing of the Atlanta, Georgia Temple — which involved members of the National States Rights Party (NSRP). Mullins recommended membership in the NSRP and Nelsen was the Illinois leader of the NSRP plus he bragged about his close association with George Lincoln Rockwell (American Nazi Party) and other neo-nazis.

(3) During his college days, Nelsen sent anonymous threatening letters to the then-Mayor of Minneapolis (Hubert Humphrey) and to the Police Dept Detective who eventually arrested Nelsen. Furthermore, Nelsen plastered the area around his university campus with “Kill Jews” signs.

(4) Beyond that, the propaganda which Nelsen put out during his college years and subsequently in Illinois (in conjunction with Mullins through groups they co-founded such as M&N Associates, Realpolitical Institute, and Institute For Biopolitics) was explicitly inciteful of racial and religious hatred.

(5) In short, contrary to the whitewash which Mullins presents in his book, there were many legitimate reasons why the FBI became interested in both Mullins and Nelsen and why they both were listed as “potential bombing suspects” and “racial extremists”.

(6) From the FBI viewpoint, here were two guys (Mullins and Nelsen) that….

(a) constantly associated themselves with extremists (such as James Madole-National Renaissance Party, John Kasper—(Clinton TN riot fame), Joseph Beauharnais-White Circle League of Chicago and Emory Burke—The Columbians) OR

(b) who were involved in, or had condoned, violent acts or who had received instruction in bomb-making and use of explosives (for example: William Wernecke, James Madole, Emory Burke, F. Allen Mann, Joseph Beauharnais, John Kasper, etc) OR

(c) who had written or published literature which was extremely inflammatory and inciteful of racial and religious hatred

(d) Plus Mullins had lived (for varying periods of time) with some of these guys (such as William Wernecke, Matt Koehl, John Crommelin, John Kasper)

There is much more in Mullins’ book which is totally false or deliberately misrepresents the facts of the matters he discusses. I will present this material in the next edition of my Mullins Report.

A brief preview:

I recently obtained the military service records plus additional FBI files pertaining to Mullins — who is described by his admirers as:

“America’s premier populist historian…a titanic figure on the landscape of American (and world) history as a consequence of his monumental contributions to the arena of political, economic and philosophical discussion.” [American Free Press, 7/27/09, p A-4, “Meet Eustace Mullins”]

The actual beliefs, values, and life-long associations of Mullins reflect a totally different reality.

The new edition of my Mullins Report will incorporate scanned copies of personal correspondence and articles written by Mullins which have never previously been publicly revealed. Such data will conclusively demonstrate the life-long bigotry of Mullins and his history of fabricating hoaxes for his gullible readers.

Here are some new details which will appear in my new Mullins Report:


In most of his self-written biographical sketches Mullins described himself as “a veteran of the United States Air Force with 38 months of active service during World War II.”

However, according to his military service records at the Military Personnel Records Center (St. Louis MO):

Mullins served in the Army Air Corps from 1/2/43 until 2/5/46. He served as a Clerk-Typist but had no foreign service.

He received “two Summary Court-Martials” for being AWOL and for failure to report to an appointed place.

During his military service, he was hospitalized upon two different occasions:

(1) September 11, 1943 – September 17, 1943 = he was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “constitution psychopathic state, inadequate personality, EPTI” [EPTI=existing prior to induction]

(2) December 14, 1944 – February 29, 1945 = he was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “constitutional psychopathic state, unqualified, EPTI”

On this second occasion, Mullins was brought in as a prisoner. At the time of his arrest he had in his possession a gun and bullets and “he made the statement to two officers that he had purchased the revolver with the intention of committing suicide sometime during the afternoon of his arrest…His reason was because he was tired of living.”

The doctors who treated him concluded that he exhibited “both psychopathic and neurotic trends, both due to the same dynamic latent homosexuality…” Among his symptoms: having to urinate while sitting down, dreams of snakes, castration anxiety, fear of going blind and heart failure.

“The case was presented to the Section VIII Board for disposition and after a two to two deadlock, patient was ordered back to duty.”

Mullins asked another patient on his ward who was diagnosed “as dementia praecox, hebephrenic type” to steal his (Mullins’) chart and destroy it.

“After completion of various tests, Mullins was determined to be a ‘malingerer’ and that disciplinary action rather than medical action should be taken.”


Mullins declared in his autobiographical summaries that:

“After serving thirty-eight months in the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II, Eustace Mullins was educated at Washington and Lee University, Ohio State University, University of North Dakota, and New York University. He later studied art at the Escuela des Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende Mexico and the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Washington, D.C.”
[From: Mullins’s self-published book, “The Curse of Canaan: A Demonology of History”, Revelation Books, (Staunton VA), 1987, page 2, “About The Author”]; Also see American Free Press, 7/27/09, page A-4, “Meet Eustace Mullins”]

The reality:

(a) Washington and Lee University: He attended W&L from 2/46 to 2/48. He never declared a major. He did not graduate. His GPA was below the required minimum of “C”.

(b) Ohio State University : The Registrar’s Office at Ohio State had no record of Mullins ever attending that University.

(c) University of North Dakota: The Registrar’s Office at UND had no record of Mullins ever attending that University.

(d) New York University: Mullins attended a summer session (June-September 1947).

(e) Institute of Contemporary Arts: Mullins attended as a writing student in 1948-1949. He did not receive a degree.

Mullins claimed a $60 deduction representing a bad debt allegedly owed him by “Mr. Leslie Richards, FBI”. No person by that name ever was employed by the FBI.

Mullins also claimed that he donated $125 to United Jewish Appeal and $75 to the Urban League. The IRS declined to prosecute Mullins for tax fraud only because the cost of prosecution would exceed the amount of money that could be recovered.


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