HAARP and the New World Order

The depressing thing about writing a blog like this is that the overwhelming majority of the people who visit it hate it. A lot of them hate me too.

People who Google conspiracies are generally looking to have their ideas confirmed–for example, that the US fired up HAARP (click here for one of my earlier pieces on HAARP) and visited such devastation on Japan to distract attention from what’s happening in Wisconsin, or Libya, the Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia, or take your pick. Strange that our government has such awesome power on tap for sideshows and decoys, but not so much for the main event. Or maybe it’s not strange at all, when you consider that the Judeo-Masonic-Luciferian Conspiracy aims to extract the maximum pain from its victims. Nothing hurts like drip, drip, drip. The following comes from Zephaniah.eu.

The Globalists comprise in the main the Illuminati Luciferians who control this world.The death of millions of people means nothing to them. They are psychopaths, just like their infernal master. In their relentless drive to create a New World Order, where every nation in the world will be subsumed within a system of global governance,they are deliberately engineering wide-scale social and economic disruption. We are already witnessing the collapse of the world financial system, which has been carefully choreographed by the Globalists. But they intend to create even more pain through artificially created food shortages, global pandemics, false-flag terrorist attacks, and seemingly natural disasters such as earthquakes. Then war on a grand scale…

So, Old Testament thunder and lightning here; quagmires there. It all makes perfect sense. And speaking of HAARP, did you know that it not only causes earthquakes and tsunamis, it also plants thoughts inside your brain?

Back in December, a post on The Ugly Truth reveals, Professor Kevin MacDonald took to the airwaves and suggested that he could imagine at least one scenario in which white nationalists and right wing Israelis could work together. “…If we could get the Muslims out of Europe as a deal where Israel survives and throws out the Palestinians to Jordan,” he said, “I would take that deal in a heartbeat…”. Shocking to discover that even a commited racialist like MacDonald is a Zionist shill. Or maybe not, when you factor HAARP into the equation. Here’s what one commenter had to say:

Michael Collins Piper is right in pointing out that the WHITE EUROPEAN RIGHT NATIONALISTS have gone crazy or worse – all of them!

It is such a shame to see how today French and European Socialists, Communists, Secularists (lay) and Racists (not Racialists like Dr David Duke) have all made Europe a Hell for Muslims and a Paradise for Jews!

This is the Devil’s word or one of HAARP’s tricks to produce such behavioural modification by dumping electromagnetic radiation in the upper atmosphere!

EMF affects the brain. Electro Magnetic Frequency is being used by HAARP all around the world with the clear aim to modify human behaviour and in particular children’s behaviour.

Nothing paranoid about that!

11 thoughts on “HAARP and the New World Order

  1. I wonder if this emerging/reforming conspiracy fear is a byproduct of larger social conscious movement. This movement is in natural momentum to global innovation. For example: When Rome fed the poor for less than it’s vassals, it created a larger population. Then to feed those it needed more resources. It then exploited yet more vassals and went to war. Social programs created nationalists campaigns. One way, created by markets, is gains from trade. This keeps a resource from being single use which ruined Rome. Beyond “just-in-time” technological innovation (industrialization) the only way to improve efficiency in trade is to reduce the cost of trade. Governments are a burden and act as middle-men. The global collect may be pressuring toward a global governance to improve the performance of the species. The warning balance of that pressure, to make the best decisions, are the NWO crowd. But to avoid globalization is to choose a lower event horizon or threshold where consumption outweighs resource. That there has to be losers; all the eggs are placed in the technology basket. As with Japan, we can see that a major catastrophe is going to have a magnified affect than if it were a sparsely populated iron age civilization. Without the labor multiplying technological infrastructure, the human ecosystem must suffer immediate collapse at the inverse speed of the lost technology….unless other populations react as though they were part of the same society.

    1. Very interesting.

      Yesterday on NPR I heard a guy talking about multiplier effects when catastrophes strike highly networked systems–Just In Time is a disaster when your supply chain breaks down, or when rolling blackouts mean that semi-conductor factories can’t operate (a lot of the graphics processors for smart phones are manufactured in the stricken area). On the one hand, a highly-developed country is much better able to withstand disaster than an undeveloped one (sophisticated, strictly-enforced building codes, highly-trained first responders, mass communications, educated populace, instant access to heat sensors, helicopters, and construction equipment, an abundance of skilled, well-equipped ER physicians and EMTs), on the other, civilization brings us things like nuclear power plants that are almost as powerful and unpredictable as nature itself.

      In my opinion, there are two things fueling conspiracy theory: 1) Fundamentalist religion (a form of conspiracy theory in its own right), and 2) The class-based resentments of a sector of the population that feels like it’s being left behind, economically and culturally.

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  3. I sympathise Mr Goldwag, I really do. I’ve just finished reading the comments posted under your last post (Stop the presses: Charlie Sheen is Jewish!) and found it one of the most revolting and generally depressing of experiences. It was a bit like finding a disgusting/disturbing video on youtube; you watch it all the way through griped by a kind of grim fascination but feel a bit sullied by the experience after the clip has finished.

    Still I’d like to assure you that there are some of us who do appreciate your posts and the balanced and intelligent analysis you direct at an area of our culture where very little exists.


    1. Thank you for your kind words.

      Ayn Rand–who I don’t agree with very often–described racism as “a doctrine of, by and for brutes…a barnyard or stock-farm version of collectivism, appropriate to a mentality that differentiates between various breeds of animals, but not between animals and men.”

      But of course she was a Jewess, so what do you expect?

      In my darker moments, I imagine a Twilight Zone scenario where some terrible accident wipes out or sterilizes everyone but a handful of white supremacists and humanity gets to start over again with a new Adam and Eve. How many generation do you think would go by before they invented a new race enemy–a new Jew, a new Amalek?

      1. Not long. It was called a Pollock, drunk Irishman, vulgar Scott, Creole, etc. all put under the “provincial” bun.

      2. AMALEK is a term orthodox Jew freaks use for the army of non-Jews opposed to the Jewish ownership of the world since ancient times. Another words, if you’re a Goyim you automatically belong and are subject to mortal punishment from the Jews.

        Exactly the reasoning behind killing Palis.

        Funny how a Jew turns this completely around to make it sound like it’s another White race hate.

        The BIG LIE is a daily thing for Jews like old Goldwog here.

  4. you heard of “de-nazification”, jew boy?

    when we take over…..we’re gunna institute “de-jew-ification”!

    you better make yr “escape plans” now while you got time, cunt!

  5. I don’t know if most readers hate you and your blog, or just that people who hate it are more likely to comment. For the record: Love it!

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