Stop the presses: Charlie Sheen is Jewish!

A number of commenters on my last few posts (prompted, I suspect, by what Incog posted about me on his own site) point out that Charlie Sheen can’t be anti-Semitic because he is Jewish by blood and one of his ex-wives–and hence some of his children–are Jewish as well. He not only acknowledges that he is Jewish but says that he is proud of it.

If you are Jewish or closely connected to someone Jewish, you are working for the Jews. End of story. Alex Jones, for example, is rumored to be married to a Jewish woman, which, according to RealJew news, explains why, for all his openness to conspiracy theory, he doesn’t blame the Jews for 911–he is a disinformation agent for the Zionists! My name is Goldwag, which tells you all that you need to know about me.

Not only that, but Trotsky really was Jewish, as was Marx, and for that matter Jack Ruby. Calling people by their Jewish names, even if they don’t practice or acknowledge their Judaism, even if they don’t even know about it, or, as in Charlie Sheen’s case, it temporarily slipped their mind, even if they were legally changed generations or even centuries before (as was perhaps the case with Roosevelt, who is believed by some to have had Sephardic antecedents) isn’t disparaging to them–it’s simply a way of reminding the world that the bearer of said name is an active participant in a conspiracy to destroy civilization. What’s anti-Semitic about that?

I don’t think anyone, even the ADL, believes that Charlie Sheen is involved in organized anti-Semitism. Sheen’s biggest problem seems to be with disorganization and a disinterest in anything that doesn’t directly concern himself. But the grandiosity of the mentally/emotionally disturbed, who believe that everyone around them is consumed by envy of them and wishes them ill, and the narcissism of the conspiracy theorist, who sees everything that happens in the world through the lens of a totalizing theory about their victimization, are very much of a piece. Reading some conspiracy theorists (especially the numerologically-inclined), you see a rage for pattern that parallels some of the symptomology associated with syndromes found along the Autism spectrum.

Please don’t accuse me of saying that all conspiracy theorists are mentally ill or brain-damaged–I don’t believe that for a minute. But, as I commented elsewhere on this blog, I do wonder if the conspiracist intolerance for uncertainty, the obsession with pattern, isn’t to a certain extent hard-wired–that there aren’t some neurological attributes that encourage conspiracy theorizing, just as others confer a propensity for math or music or rhyming (all of which also rely on pattern-seeking and recognition).


24 thoughts on “Stop the presses: Charlie Sheen is Jewish!

  1. Here, let me paste in the paragraph about old FDR that says the deal:

    “The Jewish genetics of Roosevelt is immaterial (some say his grandmother was anti-Semitic). It’s actually the elite, wealthy and pro-Zionist circle he was born into that’s important here (some are indeed “Shabbos Goys”). This same International circle controls our country’s finances, hence control the government and media. This ownership of the media gives the Globalist Jews the power to manipulate the thinking of just about everyone.”

    Oh, so I guess all that makes me mentally “hard-wired” for conspiracy, huh?

    And there’s no such thing as “International Jewry?” Try telling that one to the Palestinians.

  2. What a bunch of overly-complex Freudian horse crap!
    “But the narcissistic grandiosity of the mentally/emotionally disturbed, who believe that everyone around them is consumed with envy and ill will, and the grandiosity of the conspiracy theorist, who sees everything that happens in the world through the lens of a totalizing theory, are very much of a piece. ”

    The average person doesn’t think in this fashion: define that so a gentile person can understand it! Or a is it just me?

  3. WOW! Here’s a man supposedly giving us the straight skinny on all us nutcases out there and the man wrote a book on the Jewish Kabballah. Didn’t notice that, for some reason.

    I guess a belief system that includes demons living in caves makes you a shining light of logical reasoning?

    Man, it constantly amazes me what “chutzpah” these people have. No wonder they so love that yiddish word.

  4. As far as Sheen goes, he’s a dupe. Alex Jones too.
    I prefer Dr. Alan Sobrosky’s (former dead of strategic studies, Army War College)
    take on 911. Says no doubt at all.

  5. Randall, Thats all Jewberish MumboJumbo.
    They think by doing this they’ll keep us confused while at the same time make themselves look smart.

    WTF? Who talks like that?

    Yea, Charlie Sheen is Jewish, so what? He’s also a piece of crap.
    A fine example of the Hollywood majority i’d say.

    Conspiracy Theory as a term is the same as Anti-Semite, Junk terms and folks are starting to realize that.

    And what the hell does autism have to do with any of this ?

  6. there is a conspiracy! in fact several. interconnected? most likely. no W.M.D., WTC 7, hundreds of dead birds, thousands of dead fish, fixed elections, thats just some, and thats just this decade. call me Autistic lol, you would have to be nuts to think that something ISN’T going on.

  7. Arthur:

    There are psychological studies which have shown that highly ideological people often are not capable of listening to, or reading, several paragraphs of text and then accurately presenting a summary of what they just heard or read.

    Many Jew-haters contemptuously dismiss the idea that people may be born into a family with religious beliefs but then, as adults, repudiate their religious heritage.

    One of the things I’ve never understood about Jew-haters who insist that
    (a) “Jews” were the predominant actors within the Bolshevik Revolution and
    (b) U.S./European “Jews” (like Jacob Schiff) financed the Bolshevik Revolution and
    (c) “Jews” controlled the Soviet Union

    …. is why Jew-haters never apply their exact same criteria and their “logic” to interpreting the history of the Ku Klux Klan or neo-nazi movements in the U.S.?

    Consider the following:

    (1) Many of the “Jews” who were Bolsheviks had rejected their religious heritage. Most of them were NOT “secular Jews” (as is often claimed by Jew-haters). Most of the “Jews” involved in the Russian Revolution were atheists who were hostile toward both Judaism and Zionism!

    (2) But here is the more important point.

    When these folks became Bolsheviks and worked for the success of the Revolution, they DID NOT do so because they thought to themselves “this is how a religious Jew should think and behave.”

    (3) In other words, they didn’t perceive their revolutionary ardor as an outgrowth of their religious beliefs, nor did they attribute that ardor to their understanding of Talmud or their reverence for Torah, nor did they work toward a Communist state as a means to defend or promote their religion — because, in almost every case, they had no religious beliefs whatsoever.

    (4) See: House Select Committee To Investigate Communist Aggression and the Forced Incorporation of the Baltic States Into the USSR, Special Report #2, December 31, 1954 entitled: “Treatment of Jews Under Communism”

    The following comments about the Bolshevik attitude toward Jews/Zionists appears on page 3:

    “The Bolsheviks had always opposed national-cultural autonomy for doctrinal reasons. They had not recognized the Jewish people as a ‘nationality’, had opposed the Jewish religion as ‘reactionary’…”

    “From the very beginning, the Communists set themselves the goal of gaining control and then destroying all the institutions of Jewish communal life…To be sure, men of Jewish origin were to be found among the members of the Bolshevik Party as well as among the Socialists, the Democrats, and the Liberals and some of them achieved positions of prominence in the first years of the Bolshevik Revolution. But they were men who had broken not only with the Jewish religion but also with Jewish traditions and with the Jewish community; they hardly considered themselves Jews in any other sense than ethnic origin and they were not interested in Jewish communal affairs. Therefore, they were without influence in the Jewish community.”

    “There was such a lack of Communists able to work among the Jews that the first executive secretary of the Communist Commissariat for Jewish National Affairs was a man who did not understand Yiddish and it was almost impossible to assemble a Yiddish-writing staff for the first Communist newspaper in that language. ”

    “Jewish political life in 1917 was dominated by middle-class groups of Zionist or Orthodox character; by the Social Democratic Bund which favored democratic socialism and Jewish national-cultural autonomy and by modern Labor Zionist groupings. These parties became the first targets of the Communist drive for…political extermination.”


    1. 99.9% of KKK and neo-nazi leaders in our country have been white Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

    2. 99.9% of KKK and neo-nazi members plus their supporters came from white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant homes.

    3. KKK and neo-nazi groups in our country (such as National Renaissance Party and National States Rights Party)—forbid Catholics and Jews from joining their movement.

    4. KKK leaders and their adherents explicitly declared that they were an instrument for preserving Protestant Christianity, and preserving Protestant Christian civilization, and preserving Protestant Christian values. See their membership applications, Constitutions, and platforms for confirming details.

    5. KKK adherents further claimed (and they used pamphlets, booklets, and speeches by Protestant Christian pastors and ordained ministers) that “God’s word” as revealed in the Bible required segregation of the races. For example, see publications by: Rev. Carey Daniels (Vice Chairman, Texas Citizens Council aka White Citizens Council of Dallas and Pastor, First Baptist Church of West Dallas) who wrote “God The Original Segregationist” and Rev. Henry W. Fancher Sr. who wrote “Segregation: God’s Plan and God’s Purpose” and Rev. G.T. Gillespie who wrote “A Christian View on Segregation”. In fact, many local chapters of the White Citizens’ Councils were led by Protestant clergymen!

    Shall we, therefore, use the sick logic of Jew-haters to infer from this indisputable factual data that Protestant Christianity is essentially a religion of racist bigots, by racist bigots, and for racist bigots?

    Furthermore, shall we also conclude that all of the murders, attempted murders, castrations, bombings, lynchings, arsons, robberies, acts of intimidation and harassment, and assorted other illegal activities committed by KKK members/supporters, NSRP members/supporters, plus adherents of neo-nazi beliefs — should be attributed to their Protestant Christian RELIGIOUS beliefs and background?

    Not even Jew-hating bigots claim that 99.9% of the Bolshevik leadership OR 99.9% of Bolshevik adherents consisted of persons from Jewish homes.

    Nevertheless, Jew-hating bigots insist that we focus our attention exclusively upon the purpoerted RELIGIOUS background of those Bolsheviks who were born to Jewish parents.


    (1) WHY don’t we focus our attention upon the RELIGIOUS background of the 99.9% of the KKK/neo-nazi leaders and supporters in our country who are or were, indisputably, white Protestant Christians and who explicitly declared that their RELIGIOUS beliefs informed and motivated their behavior?

    (2) Why is their RELIGIOUS background not considered to be the single most compelling dispositive data which requires our attention?

    (3) The answer to these questions is as simple as it is obvious:

    It is because bigots cheerfully and enthusiastically accept and disseminate all of the customary bigoted assumptions and stereotypes about Jews.

    “Jews” have utterly no redeeming qualities. But apostate Jews and Jews who convert to other religions might be ok.

    If there is ambiguous data about some matter involving one or more Jews and we need to choose between a negative, a positive, or a neutral interpretation and conclusion — then Jew-haters prefer that we always accept the most negative, derogatory option available.

    If there is some Jewish religious text from thousands of years ago which, superficially, seems to express primitive tribal hostility toward non-believers — then that becomes indisputable further “proof” to “justify” the “reasonableness” of contemporary derogatory judgments about Jews.

    However—if the SAME type of adverse evidence is discovered about the current and life-long beliefs and associations of somebody whom Jew-haters admire (such as Eustace Mullins) – then we can dismiss all of that inconvenient data by paying lip service in one sentence to how “regretable” or supposedly unrepresentative that commentary was — so that his admirers can then continue to lionize Mullins!

    1. This is a very typical Jew strategy you will see here folks. Observe it so you will not be duped in the future.

      Whenever the Jew is faced with a documented crime for which there is absolutely no excuse, they will look into the European race for any peccadillo that serves for comparison, no matter how ludicrous.

      In this case we had Jewish Bolshevik revolution compared to KKK.
      In others you will find Israeli genocide leads to Native American genocide.

      Don’t fall for this ancient Jewish trick!

      1. Liberte: There is no “trick” involved.

        I merely proposed that the exact same “logic” and first principles be applied to the KKK and neo-nazi movements — particularly since the evidence regarding religious background should be infinitely more compelling with respect to KKK and neo-nazis. Why? For the following reasons:

        For brevity I will use K-N (KKK and neo nazis)

        1. Unlike Bolsheviks in Russia — nobody even disputes that 99.9% of all K-N leaders were from ONE religious heritage

        2. Unlike Bolsheviks in Russia — nobody even disputes that 99.9% of all K-N members and state-of-mind supporters were from ONE religious heritage.

        3. Unlike Bolsheviks in Russia — nobody even disputes that K-N leaders/members/supporters explicitly declared that they were motivated by their RELIGIOUS beliefs and values, i.e. their POLITICAL behavior was motivated by their RELIGIOUS heritage.

        4. Unlike Bolsheviks in Russia — nobody even disputes that many K-N officials were clergymen who were from ONE religious heritage.

        So…. why not conclude that KKK and neo-nazi beliefs and behavior were the inevitable natural outgrowth of that ONE religious heritage?

        And then why should we not attribute every horrific act that has occurred in modern history (or perhaps even since the inception of slavery) to that ONE religious heritage — and just ignore the actual life histories of all the persons who fit into the label, “white Protestant”?

        (a) Keep in mind that we would not even have to argue about whether or not the K-N leaders/members/supporters were “apostates” or “secular” — versus devout believers — because there is no dispute about that matter.

        (b) Keep in mind that we would not even have to argue about whether or not the K-N folks attributed their behavior to their religious beliefs and values — because it is EXPLICITLY discussed in their member applications, their group Constitutions and by-laws, and incorporation documents, and their platforms — and in their personal writings.

        Everyone agrees about basic factual data with respect to religious heritage of these people and its impact upon their behavior—including even the K-N adherents themselves!

        So what is stopping you from acknowledging that Protestant Christianity is a religion OF racial bigots, BY racial bigots, and FOR racial bigots?

      2. Got that right, Liberte.

        Bolshevik Jews equal tens of millions killed. KKK maybe a few hundred blacks. And they always try to equate what they are NOW doing to the Palestinians to what happened to the indians. Note how much Jew Hollywood makes movies about the evil Whites out west. Go watch “Dancing with the Wolves” again and you’ll pick out the evil White man scenes.


  8. As a postscript to my previous comment:

    See chapter 19 of “Masters of Deceit” by J. Edgar Hoover, which is entitled “The Communist Attack on Judaism”.

    Hoover observes:

    “It is a matter of record that numerous Communist Party leaders call themselves Jews and claim a Jewish origin. This does not, however, make them Jews, any more than William Z. Foster’s Catholic background and Earl Browder’s Protestant background give them any standing in present-day Catholic and Protestant communities in the United States.

    One highly placed Party leader recently pointed out that it was necessary for communists working in Jewish groups to represent themselves as Jews. This, of course, is a tactical maneuver.” …

    “One Party member after having been in the Party for 25 years and having held high Party offices, explained to our agents that when he joined the Party he had renounced the existence of God, that he had tried to impose on others his atheistic views, and that he was ‘not a religious Jew’. He flatly stated that most Party members he knew who claimed to be Jews did not follow their religion; they did not attend the synagogue…and the comrades who claimed to be Jews took no part in organized Jewish religious activities.”…

    “In the Soviet Union, Zionism is ruthlessly suppressed. In the United States communists have a more complex problem and avoid direct public attacks on the Zionist movement so as not to alienate that large section of Jewish people who favor Zionism…The aim of course is to discredit the Zionist movement without antagonizing its rank-and-file members. The Party line changes from time to time when it is expedient, but the communist objective of eventually destroying Zionist influence among the Jewish people, without alienating
    its rank-and-file members, has never changed.”

    1. Thank you for your comments, Ernie.

      One thing never fails to surprise me about programmatic haters is how ecumenical they are in their use of sources, which they treat as if they are situated in a perpetual present. They cite Henry Ford or Elizabeth Dilling or Pacquita de Shishmaref or Gerald Winrod or William Dudley Pelley or Gerald L.K. Smith as if nothing had changed since 1930, or Dan Smoot and Robert Welch as if it’s still the 1950s, or for that matter, the Protocols, as though the world is exactly as it was at the turn of the last century. If Jacob Schiff and Lenin really were working hand in glove as they falsely suppose, then haven’t they noticed that things went terribly awry for the Jewish Communists in the intervening decades? Not at all… it’s as if they keep rediscovering the wheel, over and over and over again.

      Even a comparatively mainstream figure like Glenn Beck harps on Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt as if they’re still there whispering in Obama’s ear—it’s bizarre.

      1. Arthur:

        You are, of course, correct. Bigots and ideologues artfully select (and believe) ONLY that data which they think conforms to their pre-determined conclusions.

        Any data which contradicts, falsifies or disputes their premises and conclusions must be ignored, suppressed, de-valued or trivialized — but NEVER acknowledged to exist nor carefully examined or refuted.

        I have received scores of hate emails from people who violently reject the data I present in my on-line reports but I rarely find anyone who is willing to calmly go about the heavy-lifting task of refuting anything I have presented. Instead, most of my critics don’t seem capable of distinguishing between personal opinion versus verifiable facts.

      2. Not only two weeks ago I heard about an economic political decision by the Government of my country. What striked me most: it looked like they are following those “fake” Protocols word by word. Strange, innit?

  9. Dear ernie1241,

    If you think I did not notice your trick, you are mistaken. We are not talking about jews as a different religion only. They are a different nation. Different race, if we may believe to ol’ Adolf.
    Who cares if the bolshevik jews were religious or atheist jews? Who cares how they define themselves? Zionist, liberal, orthodox, communist, atheist, Askhenazim or Sephardim, who is interested? They are not our people, never were, never will be.
    And it is not our task to apply the logic to the KKK, or Germans, or all the nations who fought on Hitler’s side in WW2. All these neations are perceived as nazis per se by the jews, so it is done already. Szálasi’s Arrowcross Hungarists were perceived as Hungarians by the Jews, the jews say Hungarians shot them into the Danube in 1944, they do not care about how the shooters defined themselves in regard of God or political beliefs…

    1. W.H. : As I replied to Liberte, there is no “trick” involved. I am merely accepting the “logic” or “principles” which underly the premises of Jew-haters and applying the EXACT SAME CRITERIA to another historical matter. See my reply to Liberte above since it applies to your comments as well.

      1. Ernie,

        the only difference is that I, as a white man, has no problem with the KKK, they started as a vigilante group to stop the rapings and killings of the roaming freed black slaves in the American South. Heck, if I lived there and in that age, I would have joined up myself.
        What I wanted to point out is this thing will not work with double standards. The jews view the “goyim” with the same psychology as the other way around. Generalizing, hating.
        Still they are not our people, never were, never will be. They came to our countries, it was not us who went to theirs. They distroyed our countries, not we theirs. They were the first to attack us and make our blood flow with communism, not us started pogromming and deporting them. Face historical facts.
        So, they can use double standard, but no one else can?

  10. It’s always been the Jew. Always.

    Nothing but trouble for any nation unlucky to have enough. Nation-Wreckers all. What they did to Russia and tried to do to Germany, they are now doing to the US.

    Is it any wonder they’ve been tossed or worse from everywhere they’ve ever lived?

  11. The evidence for jewish involvement in almost all forms of anti-white activity and socio-political cum cultural disruption/distortion is too overwhelming for any-one with more than ½-dzn fully functional brain cells to dispute….. there is a history of meticulous and rigorous documentation of such evidence! (so much for “conspiracy theories”!)….right up to the present day apropos Prfssr Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique….and the other two volumes of his trilogy Separation and its Discontents and A People that Shall Dwell Alone;

    in all major respects, the latter research agrees with the former works and claims of people like Henry Ford, “Father Coughlin” and others!….in fact: it is even in agreement with the assertions of the likes of Voltaire and, even further back, Tacitus (!)

    as for jewish involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution, you can do no better than peruse Anthony C Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution;

    Sutton’s book is replete with numerous references to official, diplomatic cables/telegrams outlining the sinister rôle of the jews in this vile atrocity!…..most of those cables/telegrams would still be accessible in the Library of Congress!

    that’s how real history works!….verifiable references to source documentation….not the “opinion” of some judæo-marxist academic!

  12. Well .well.
    ..In this case let me ad another interesting “conspiracy theory” some crazy ugly gentiles are using to whip the innocent Jews :’holocaust”.
    It is understandable of course that under such attack Jews have any right to defend themselves by putting the sick people (who claim that the “gas chambers’ is a fiction invented by Jews ) in jails and psychiatric hospitals.
    With people-eye witness -like Moshe Peer who-according to his words-survived being “gassed’ six times we do not have any doubts that holocaust did happened.
    Electric chambers,vacuum chambers,STEAM chambers(see dr.Tadeusz Cyprian ,Nuremberg Trial) gas chambers -submarine engine,gas chambers soviet tank engine,ZYKLON B gas chambers are without any doubt the terrible tools of mass murder.

    Germar Rudolf is a psycho ,Ivan Legace -expert on cremations ,telling us that it is impossible to cremate human body in few minutes , is just hallucinating.
    German could burn the body in few minutes WITHOUT ANY FUEL .
    Read more:

    I have another conspiracy theory I like very much:” The whole world is conspiring to kill all Jews”

    Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

  13. It’s helpful to think of Jews not as a religion, or a race, but as a tribe. Jewish tribal membership has an ethnic component but that alone doesn’t explain too much of them. Sammy Davis Jr. was a Jew – at least for a while… and they’re happy enough to accept converts to the tribe. They have a sense of being different… of being somewhat superior to their neighbors; but at the same time of being marked men.

    A certain paranoia creeps in on the heels of their misdeeds: eating pork, committing adultery, swindling their fellow man out of his life savings on the sabbath…. When people are up to something wicked they behave in a guilty way. But there is strength in numbers so the guilty Jews seek one another out, come up with a multitude of self justifying excuses as to why they’re not doing anything so wrong – and essentially go nuts. Normal Jews know all this but still find themselves entrained in the madness. Eventually their neighbors wake up to the fact that the Jews have set themselves against them and all hell breaks loose. It’s the same as it ever was.

    Jews missed the Jesus boat. Simple as that. Like a skipping record their symphony can go no further until the problem is rectified. However, it’s prophesied that towards the end of the world they will rectify the problem and the new day will finally dawn.

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