Charlie Sheen, John Galliano–What Does it Mean?

Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen

I have no idea. No, really, no idea at all. I don’t know what to make of Charlie Sheen, except that it seems incredible to me that he is as old as he is (Wikipedia informs me that he is 46). Not because he looks youthful, which he doesn’t–in the TMZ interview I saw yesterday, shot in the backyard of his mansion, he appeared gaunt and Dorian Grayish–but because his talk about partying and bonking babes and the awesome power of his mind sound like the kinds of things that an ignorant, full-of-himself frat boy might regale worshipful underclassmen with when he’s in his cups. Give a self-important but deeply insecure man $50 million a year, or whatever it is he has been making, gossip about him incessantly, and add a long-suffering celebrity father to the mix, who issues humiliating public statements about his son’s “disease,” and you can’t but feed his defensive grandiosity.

The very idea of a Hollywood celebrity choosing Alex Jones’s radio show as a forum to lash out at his bosses and lay the groundwork for a breach-of-contract lawsuit is bizarre to me–but Sheen is a 911 Truther and the two of them go way back. (Sheen’s 20 Minutes With the President was an Alex Jones production). Sheen is not the first anti-Semite Jones has hosted. An argument could be made that Anti-Semitism is a malady that modern Conspiracy Theorists are particularly prone to–indeed, that it might even be the ur-form of Conspiracy Theory. The “gotcha” use of one’s adversaries “Jewish” names is a hoary rhetorical device–Jack Ruby has been Jacob Rubenstein since the right wing Jew hater Revilo Oliver first wrote about the Kennedy assassination (“Marxmanship in Dallas”); Trotsky is Bronstein; FDR, of course, is Rosenfeld. Henry Ford wrote thousands of words on the Jewish propensity for name changing. It “proves” they have something to hide. Here’s a quote, chosen virtually at random, from a website called Incog Man:

Let’s get something straight for those of you checking into the Jew stuff for the first time. The Israeli MOSSAD has something called “Sayanim” (plural for Sayan). These are Jews anywhere in the world who will do whatever is necessary for sacred Israel — even if it means traitorous behavior to the very country they live in. Prospecting for traitors is not dangerous to the MOSSAD, since fellow Jews will also keep mum about the enlistment effort.

Usually, it’s something relatively little, like asking a Jew landlord to furnish a “safe house” available at any time. It might be a Jew who owns a car dealership who can provide vehicles for MOSSAD teams when needed. Or it might be a Jew doctor called in the middle of the night to dig a bullet out, furnish drugs or whatever. Sometimes it can be a whole lot bigger. Like spying for Israel at the Pentagon, or buying the entire World Trade Center (with help from other Jews in high finance and insurance, of course).

It’s like the whole race is one vast criminal conspiracy!

As for Galliano….. I haven’t a clue. Does he really love Hitler? The hate video that will bring him down is shocking to me in that it seems unbelieveable that he’s a real person and not a sketch comedian’s over-the-top impersonation of a drunken Gallic super-designer.

Even more disturbing than his anti-Semitism is his contempt for “ugly” people. Galliano’s downfall says much more about the covert misogyny of the fashion industry, it seems to me, than it does about the Jews.


13 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen, John Galliano–What Does it Mean?

    1. I’ve given the matter a good deal of thought. One thing that strikes me about conspiracists is how often they reinvent the wheel. Have you heard about the Jews? someone writes in 1920. The thing is, someone else writes five years later, that the Jews have been working for the downfall of decency since the time of the Babylonian Empire. You think Communists are bad? What’s worse is that they’re just a decoy, set up by Jewish billionaires, someone else writes for the thousandth time ten years after that. People keep writing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, like it’s something they just thought of. It’s strange and a little compulsive, Asperger-ish even.

      The conspiracists’ intolerance for uncertainty, his/her obsession with pattern, seems to me to be somewhat hard-wired. Which isn’t to say that conspiracy theory is a species of brain damage, just that there might be some neurological attributes that encourage conspiracy theorizing, just as others give one a propensity for math or music or rhyming (all of which also rely on pattern-recognition).

  1. Well, it is a shame that both Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones are jews, innit?
    Hopefully, the time will come when the white christian men will wake up from the PC-multikulti nightmare.
    Goldwag, Goldberg, Goldberger…
    It is always so funny to read jews debunking the baseless “anit-semite” conspiracies!
    Lol bignose!

  2. Dear Mr. Goldwag,

    As far as Marxism and Communist history goes, this is not a theory. Was Marx jewish? Was Lenin jewish? Was Trotsky jewish? Was Kun Béla jewish? Yes they were: non-negotiable. Was the Cheka, the ÁVH, the Lenin-boys jews? Yes, they were: non-negotiable. Was Yezhov, was Berija jewish? Yes they were: non-negotiable. Communism was perceived as jewish since day one, because mostly bolshevik people were jews. And the jewish backstabbing at the end of WW1 and the bolshevik revolutions, then the liberal jew takeover of Germany resulted in the rise of Hitler. Then the tide turned.
    And let me state clearly: in modern history, it was not the “anti-semites” who started the mass killings in Eastern Europe. It was the 1918-1920 bolshevik revolutions’ red terror done by, well, jews, which let out the ghost and resulted in the big payback in the 1940s. Fascism was a direct nationalist reaction to bolshevik red terror.
    But do not worry, they got their chance again when Stalin conquered half of Europe: the jews, incensed by the discomforts they suffered during WW2, brought down the wrath of Yehova on Eastern Europe for the next 40 years. Was Rákosi jewish, was Gerő jewish? Yes they were: non-negotiable.
    That means the score is still 2:1 to the favour of the jews, and they carry on their own way like the Bourbons: they did not learn, they did not forget. Well, they are clever: as long as they have full Media control, they can manipulate the opinion on and mass perception of themselves. They can re-write history books all they can. They may push this Judeo-christianity bollocks: the word is a contradiction in terms. They can push PC, Multiculturalism, and colored mass immigration on Europe, and call fascist anyone who begs to differ. And these are pushed by jews all right: there is the famous video of Barbara Lerner Spectre, of Paideia, the European Institute of Jewish Studies in Sweden, talking about Multiculturalism and jews, watch it yourself: I was so outraged I wanted to slap down the old witch and start up pogromming myself, and let me tell you, I am in favour of a peaceful solution.
    What would be the peaceful solution: the jews stop ruling over us. Stop telling us what we may think, what we may do, and give us back our countries, and leave christianity alone.
    Then, and only then will they not face another tragedy in the next 50 years. Even my generations woke up from the guilt-tripping about WW2, and start to perceive what these people really did and do. And even Germany will not remain gelded forever.

    And because you like to deal with conspiracies, let me tell you one I have just read, very convincing.
    The “Al-Quaeda” is a pseudo-terrorist gang, none other than the IDF’s Mistaravim unit co-operating with the IDF siteintelgroup site plus the Media jews. I hope you dig it too, because I dig it very much and believe in it with all my heart.

  3. charlie sheen?…anti semite? how could that be? He’s jewish!
    Its kind of like; how blacks can use the ‘N’ word but whites cant.
    …and the new term they use now is ‘borderline anti-semitism’.

  4. Can’t let anyone comment here?

    Funny how the sacred Jew feel free to say whatever they want about the Goyim but then do everything he can behind the scenes to limit any contrary views.

    America is rapidly seeing right through the subversive Jew scams.

    And yeah, we sure as hell don’t believe the official bull about 9/11 anymore. I can see why you ISRAEL-FIRSTERS are nervous as hell about that one.

    Keep a bag packed!

  5. I agree Mr. Marlowe.
    I’ve been noticing that ‘Jesus Christ’ is being used more and more in hollywood, as a curse word. I look closer and see that it’s a high percentage of jewish actors, carelessly expressing contempt for something that a lot of Christians feel is sacred.
    Are Christians afforded the luxury of yelling ‘anti-Christian’ every time this occurs? Or are they just supposed to continue feeling this unwarrented guilt thats been thrust upon them?
    These double standards are becoming very obvious.

  6. I guess he finally let my comment through. How good of you Mr. GOLDWAG.

    I wonder if he bothered reading my article addressing my “insane conpiracy theories?”

    Note: Most of yesterday my site was slowed to a crawl by “denial of service” attacks, instigated by a multitude of people in certain parts of the country.

    Funny, how any mention of these precious people has them organizing among each other to shut the Goy up.

    But I guess that’s all “conspiracy theory” too.


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